Song Lyric Prank on "Boyfriend" (GONE WRONG)

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Alexa Rivera

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Gaming Girlz
Gaming Girlz საათის წინ
My fav person in this vids are Andrew And Pierson and Lexi and Ben and brent and Lexi henlser
Jeremy Jaramillo
Jeremy Jaramillo 2 საათის წინ
Awww you guy’s have feelings for each other stop playing 🤪😜🤪😜🤪☹️☹️😖😭🥺
Khouyi Nora
Khouyi Nora 2 საათის წინ
Andrew was super duper excited about to put his arms around lexi’s soulders and to take pictures I ship landrew❤️❤️❤️❤️
TrIgGeRReD LAdY 11 საათის წინ
Andre I literally hate you dude you're worst!!😂 ok I'm kidding but he always does this when lexi is pranking someone and he's involved! why you do this? :( let lexi do a peaceful prank buddy😂
Navya Bhatia
Navya Bhatia 21 საათის წინ
Andrew's expressions clearly show that he likes Lexi
Aurora Shields
Aurora Shields დღის წინ
and also why did you and ben break up
Aurora Shields
Aurora Shields დღის წინ
andrew has a crush
Anjali Satre
Anjali Satre დღის წინ
i love you Andrew 💖
norris nuts fan_forever
norris nuts fan_forever დღის წინ
lexi really likes using andrew for pranking ben LOL
Riddhi Goyani
Riddhi Goyani დღის წინ
Lexi your nose is like a potato
Mimmie Payne
Mimmie Payne დღის წინ
Jesus Christ loves you
Mahek Muskan
Mahek Muskan დღის წინ
This was my best video ever😅🤣🤣
Pravit Adhikary
Pravit Adhikary დღის წინ
Ramachandra Patgaonkar
Ramachandra Patgaonkar დღის წინ
#landrewconfirmed 😍😍😂💖
D Reyes
D Reyes დღის წინ
Why always andrews
Sophie Martinex
Sophie Martinex 2 დღის წინ
I ship Andrew and lexi
Upasona Roy
Upasona Roy 2 დღის წინ
I want #landrew to ships !! 😉❤️
Sky Gurl
Sky Gurl 2 დღის წინ
Huh can anyone tell me what song is that?
birds are birds tee
birds are birds tee 2 დღის წინ
i hate ben and andrew
Laura Izoita
Laura Izoita 2 დღის წინ
Are you kidding Andrew you ruined the frickin prank😡
Mayra Piedra
Mayra Piedra 2 დღის წინ
Haadiyah sau
Haadiyah sau 3 დღის წინ
Can you please tell me what is the camera quality of the girl that takes pictures of you guys, i love you all
Juwan Jaber
Juwan Jaber 3 დღის წინ
She finally calls him boyfriend
Patricia Reyes
Patricia Reyes 3 დღის წინ
Umm the a mount of messages lexi has 🤐
Julie Kojis
Julie Kojis 3 დღის წინ
Lexi I saw you hearted a comment saying Andrew is cute😉😀😀😉
Sasirega Vasanthan
Sasirega Vasanthan 4 დღის წინ
8:27 : 2 million now 5 million GUYS THANK YOU TO MAKE MY FAV GEpostR/TIK TOKER BEEING FAMOUS
ITSlucky here
ITSlucky here 4 დღის წინ
Just say you like lexi because you really vlose andrew
medha sathish
medha sathish 4 დღის წინ
my fav triangle
Rivka Lubin
Rivka Lubin 4 დღის წინ
2019: Brent be like 'why are you guys standing here all suspiciously?' 2020: Brent be like 'why you being sus?'
Keisha Williamson
Keisha Williamson 4 დღის წინ
I feel like lexi likes Andrew 👍 🤧 👍
Call me Duty
Call me Duty 4 დღის წინ
I ship Lexi and Andrew a lot
motjari 5 დღის წინ
Iffa Fatima
Iffa Fatima 5 დღის წინ
its 3am rn and i played this video without headphones and the volume was on loud so i scared everyone and now everyone is awake..............dont know why im telling this but now im in trouble.............Wish me luck
Arsh Mahmood
Arsh Mahmood 6 დღის წინ
La Liberté
La Liberté 6 დღის წინ
Lexi is Andre your bofrend
Mo Mmy
Mo Mmy 6 დღის წინ
You're really cool I wish I was like you
Mo Mmy
Mo Mmy 6 დღის წინ
I think you are the coolest and can you prank your brother
4IR0 6 დღის წინ
A year now has passed I noticed Lexi liked the comment 😲 that says Andrew is good looking
Tina Lithgow
Tina Lithgow 6 დღის წინ
that is so funny
Megan Goddard
Megan Goddard 6 დღის წინ
lexi and andrew seem pretty close definitely chemistry there
Elliot Wheeler
Elliot Wheeler 7 დღის წინ
Andrew looked so happy when lexi said let’s take the picture
Mishel Hans
Mishel Hans 7 დღის წინ
lexi looked so cute when both of them hugged her from both sides in the end...awwww sucha cute moment:""))))
Patricia Pietrass
Patricia Pietrass 7 დღის წინ
Love ❤️
Trine Bruaset Olsen
Trine Bruaset Olsen 7 დღის წინ
When they are going to prank ben with something about their relationship it always Andrew
Trine Bruaset Olsen
Trine Bruaset Olsen 7 დღის წინ
Hoffman Bristel
Hoffman Bristel 7 დღის წინ
Sophia Lol puppygirl
Sophia Lol puppygirl 8 დღის წინ
Thats do ben say i would never be mean over for y one year later he have lussing with a Girl and they are not together more lol
jordane Lauther
jordane Lauther 8 დღის წინ
I feel like lexi have feelings for Andrew
SiimplyCxocolate 8 დღის წინ
we can we just look at the intro and see what's wrong with Andrews Hair by the way but there they would be a cute couple in general though
Melidza E. Orta
Melidza E. Orta 8 დღის წინ
Lexi : *talking* Andrew: *Talking* Brent*hears* but goes up stairs
Queen Unicorn
Queen Unicorn 8 დღის წინ
Mishal Khuram
Mishal Khuram 9 დღის წინ
7:59 Lexi is so short!🤣😂 LOL
Monica Bazan
Monica Bazan 9 დღის წინ
2 times orank with frank
XxDamit_ LexixX
XxDamit_ LexixX 9 დღის წინ
Who’s watching this in 2021???
Jaslene Flores
Jaslene Flores 9 დღის წინ
Literly how dose andrew keep a strigh face i will burst into lagther
Mr Procracker
Mr Procracker 10 დღის წინ
Love you Andrew
Kartika More
Kartika More 10 დღის წინ
Andrew is the best!!😭❤️
Tahmina Ishaq
Tahmina Ishaq 10 დღის წინ
I love Andrews' video
yogita deora
yogita deora 10 დღის წინ
Not more than Lexi
Isla Harvey
Isla Harvey 10 დღის წინ
I'm just saying I will always ship Landrew ❤️
Brian Didio
Brian Didio 10 დღის წინ
Sry for
Brian Didio
Brian Didio 10 დღის წინ
I meant fall
Brian Didio
Brian Didio 10 დღის წინ
Is it just me or like is Lexi like call Andrew feel like everything
Mariah Stephens
Mariah Stephens 10 დღის წინ
I'm a huge fan Lexi!!😀
Amyah Edwards
Amyah Edwards 10 დღის წინ
Why is Andrew making a weird face at the very end of the video behind you Lexi
Abayomi James
Abayomi James 11 დღის წინ
But they broke up #bexi all when they break up it is #bexi forever are maybe not......
Zuly Gonzalez
Zuly Gonzalez 11 დღის წინ
I ship Andrew and lexi
Kamlesh Kapoor
Kamlesh Kapoor 11 დღის წინ
Lexi: Yeah...... I put yoiu on top Ben: on top of what? What are u talking about 😂😂
Paru Thop Parambil
Paru Thop Parambil 11 დღის წინ
Ben is so caring
Ana Martinez
Ana Martinez 11 დღის წინ
Why all the comments about “ Ohh! Andrew is just so handsome!” Bruh! He’s not playing even cute. No offense to all those Andrew fan girls.😂😅
Shresta Kasam
Shresta Kasam 11 დღის წინ
POV:your watching this after bexi broke up..
Mighty Joe Singh
Mighty Joe Singh 11 დღის წინ
Hi Lexie
Sofia Wright
Sofia Wright 11 დღის წინ
Really andrew????!!! The prank was getting good and then you ruined it
Zach Sciscoe
Zach Sciscoe 11 დღის წინ
poor ben lol
super star
super star 11 დღის წინ
landrew for me
????????? gacha
????????? gacha 12 დღის წინ
I know its 2021 but i really ant a part 2 the first song is you broke me first
*Future_ Fantasy*
*Future_ Fantasy* 12 დღის წინ
No and then after Andrew and Ben pranked Lexi,Ben and Lexi could of pranked Andrew by pretending to break up lol
Subhash Raut
Subhash Raut 12 დღის წინ
Why does everyone not letting lexi’s prank sucess
Shalini Prem
Shalini Prem 12 დღის წინ
Andrew and Lexi are close friends
Ana Gonzalez
Ana Gonzalez 12 დღის წინ
Ana Gonzalez
Ana Gonzalez 12 დღის წინ
andrew enjoyed when they took the pictures
Paige Walters
Paige Walters 12 დღის წინ
I love and like the pic.💖
Xoscil Espinoza
Xoscil Espinoza 12 დღის წინ
I like you ☺️☺️
xAlphaIan 13 დღის წინ
4:13 brent do be walking but at the same time wondering they r doin
Salima Deriouch
Salima Deriouch 13 დღის წინ
lexi and andrew are soo cute together but their frienship is soo cute doo i love them tho
Veronica Gomez
Veronica Gomez 13 დღის წინ
I feel bad for ben. He treats you like a queen, and you prank him in almost all of your videos. If I were Ben, I would’ve gotten tired of it and broken up with you. Not trying to be mean or anything, just trying to tell you what I think.
Jasmine Crimley
Jasmine Crimley 13 დღის წინ
Brent: what are u guys doing here so suspicious Lexi: we are pranking Ben Brent: sounds good to me😂
Aiden Jones
Aiden Jones 13 დღის წინ
Landrew in action
Matti K
Matti K 13 დღის წინ
I really hope Landrew happens. There so cute and there always filming with each other.❤
Itzell Garza
Itzell Garza 13 დღის წინ
Andrew and Lexi could be a cute couple and they could be shipped as : Lean. Le for Lexi and An for Andrew.
Electric Tidal Wave
Electric Tidal Wave 14 დღის წინ
And it moves more
Electric Tidal Wave
Electric Tidal Wave 14 დღის წინ
Ok guys I saw something crazy so at the top of the screen is a shadow at the time 2.30 the shadow moves in the video check it out if it does like this comment
Kriztel Rianne Razi Ogabar
Kriztel Rianne Razi Ogabar 14 დღის წინ
Awwwwwwwwww Andrew is on Lexi's video again cute I understand Landrew i Understand that you have feelings for each other
Lacey Lyons
Lacey Lyons 14 დღის წინ
Sundram SRIVASTAVA 14 დღის წინ
4:45 Andrew did that cuz he felt too bad he is a nice friend 😀
tik toker ka
tik toker ka 14 დღის წინ
Omg Yas why does Lexi always pick Andrew Lexi you need some talking😂😗
tik toker ka
tik toker ka 14 დღის წინ
Okay sorry Ben but I think Andrew and Lexi are adorable srrr Ben I lov e you but it just they are supper cute together
draco malfoy
draco malfoy 14 დღის წინ
Heather Peterson
Heather Peterson 14 დღის წინ
What if Lexi was outside the bathroom when Andrew called ben
Kirsty Allen
Kirsty Allen 14 დღის წინ
Andrew was so happy to put his arm around Lexi haha 😆
Alexa Rivera
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