Just look beyond the editting techniques and you'll see a lot more (Taekook update analysis)

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Love_yourself BTS
Love_yourself BTS 2 დღის წინ
For obvious reasons~ LOOOOL THAT MADE ME LAUGH SOOO HARD🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Priya kumanan
Priya kumanan 3 დღის წინ
எதுக்கு இந்த மாதிரி வீடியோஸ் போட மாட்டேங்கிறீங்க நானும் பார்த்துட்டே இருக்கேன் BTS மாட்டேங்கிறீங்க சீக்கிரம் ரொம்ப நல்ல வீடியோ சாங் போடுங்கசுடைவிடியோஸ் போடவே
I. H.
I. H. 5 დღის წინ
Tae: Jk: good thats perfect very good very artistic
BTS OT7 stan
BTS OT7 stan 23 დღის წინ
It seems that every time they put their arm around the other's shoulder they grip it and want to keep it in place, but when it's another member their arm just dangels there
Erika Cruz
Erika Cruz 24 დღის წინ
Acaso quieren que me muera de amor por Taekook?? 😻😗
Nazrin Fathima
Nazrin Fathima 26 დღის წინ
Once a wise said get out from your imaginary world it's not good there
Michelle Hernández
Michelle Hernández თვის წინ
Faia Halo muchas gracias por subtítular los videos.. Enserio te agradezco mucho... Y Taekook lives gracias por hacer videos
Madetski Pecson
Madetski Pecson თვის წინ
is jimin a supporter of taekook? Its looks like he knows everything and J-hope.
Janeth Campos
Janeth Campos თვის წინ
TaeVaeKu თვის წინ
Amo verlos justos, no importa si solo están sentados sin verse, el que estes tan cerca me emociona
Эльф Юнусова
Эльф Юнусова თვის წინ
А когда будут субтитры 😭😭😭
yahya თვის წინ
After v said jb inspiring him, then we get jk dye his hair like jb. LoL I also thought that v fav item was camera. But he said speaker. We all know who loves speaker the most in BTS.
Love this analysis!!!!
Shelamee Gatusani
Shelamee Gatusani თვის წინ
Damn SUBUNIT please!!! 🥺
Jeon Taehyung
Jeon Taehyung თვის წინ
i'm 1 week late? how do i not have free time to watch your videos i keep getting distracted i want to be homeeee alreadddy
Carolina caren Martinez puma
Carolina caren Martinez puma თვის წინ
1 semana y aún no hay subtítulos :(
dany kookie
dany kookie თვის წინ
Porfa cuando estarán los subtítulos????
AGUST D თვის წინ
Lara N
Lara N თვის წინ
where is this video from 2:21
Sadana Avinash
Sadana Avinash თვის წინ
The intro is just.... :_( Sentimental and sentimental ONLY
Swapna Oraon
Swapna Oraon თვის წინ
At the last part when everyone getting 10 sec to do something in the card that time when jk was colouring.... U can see beside there was cooky and tata stickers in the same sheet... I found it cute so I mention it💜💜💜
Stephen Rbyk
Stephen Rbyk თვის წინ
Fanboy forever loving Taekook ( as l say, regardless if reality or fantasy, l love support Taekook always forever )
Suga Yoongi
Suga Yoongi თვის წინ
Remember when an army ask jungkook what he got for bts for cm and he said "I got jimin namjoon jin cards". "and yoongi jhope rings" " And taehyung love! " " What kind of love? ". " That's just for tae and me to know!"
spicyjoon თვის წინ
TK: Space who?
koda !
koda ! თვის წინ
the last time i watched one of these videos was when i was still heavily into the fandom, probably 2018-early 2019? i kind of just lost my love for bts and went on to stan other groups. slowly im being brought back though, h e l p
koda !
koda ! 22 დღის წინ
@Rosemary Hernandez let me be clear, i don’t like bts’ current music, so i’m not going to become an army again. that comment was irrelevant..
Rosemary Hernandez
Rosemary Hernandez 22 დღის წინ
BTS always their when you need them:( I love them😉☺️🤗😌❤️💜
Humera Khanum
Humera Khanum 2 თვის წინ
The song in the starting I mean the song which Taekook sang in Run BTS what is the name of that song??
Joy Alexis lucilo
Joy Alexis lucilo 2 თვის წინ
Did taekook sang ahn jae wook Friends? When?
taekook-lives თვის წინ
Run episodes
•taekook• 2 თვის წინ
Fro Fro
Fro Fro 2 თვის წინ
love them !
Burnum Burnum
Burnum Burnum 2 თვის წინ
"Taekook" - Do as you both see fit, you love us, we love you! "Aussie friend"
Virgen Valentin
Virgen Valentin 2 თვის წინ
The Japanese article was beautiful.
HIBA FATHIMA T S 2 თვის წინ
Taekook Forever 💜❤️
S L 2 თვის წინ
Taekook are making 2021 another special Taekook year. They look so in love and happy together at the Lunar New Year video. Taekook truly make me believe they were always meant to find each other and be each other's light through life. The ups and downs they had over the years has strengthen their relationship and made them understand how important they are to each other. I am so happy I get watch their love story unfold through the years. Their love is destined, their bond is unbreakable. Taekook are the couple that make you believe true love does exist when you find the person you are meant to be with. 💜🐯🐰💜 forever
Base_YRJV 2 თვის წინ
Senor space nah not a thing for taekook
Leonor Pereira
Leonor Pereira 2 თვის წინ
Taekook juntos son perfectos 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 se convirtieron en una pareja poderosa 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Maria Lizama
Maria Lizama 2 თვის წინ
Reem S
Reem S 2 თვის წინ
Stella Cortes
Stella Cortes 2 თვის წინ
Sub Español ??😭😭
Tina 2 თვის წინ
The way Naver wrote "If it's a picture you have to believe it! Don't worry!" I'm telling yall they know as well as Big Hit that we are thirsty for Taekook contents!!!!
Maribel Aguilera
Maribel Aguilera 2 თვის წინ
Los amo enserió y gracias por el video es muy lindo
Premium Auto world
Premium Auto world 2 თვის წინ
Jyotishmita Baishya
Jyotishmita Baishya 2 თვის წინ
Intro song name ?
taekook,seongjoong,minsung,woosan,yoonmin 2 თვის წინ
Türkçe altyazı koy lütfen
hamida elkamoum
hamida elkamoum 2 თვის წინ
that why im big a Fan of yours cz u just make a vedio with facts, i hope toxic person can open their eyes for once and see what we see evrytime taekook be together cz its not our imagination but taekook can melt our heart with a simple reaction to each other i love them and i love u too dear
KIM TAEHYUNG 2 თვის წინ
you are the best taekook-lives thanks for this SARANGHAE
m 2 თვის წინ
I think i the pic which jk posted was taken early from the day it was posted.....according to me i think the pic was taken on day when they were shooting for the sma as jk is wearing the same clothes......
m 2 თვის წინ
And according to me the date should be either 22 or 23 as one of the group under BH had done a vlive on 22 after they done with their sma award shooting ( the clothes which they wore for the vlive were same as they wore in the award video so i think it was on the same day)....... again it's just what i thought........sorry for my bad English and if i offended anyone......and don't forget to vote for taekook on kingchoice
나두니_bts 2 თვის წინ
You are the best in come to the taekook analysis 💜
jungwon's lechugo
jungwon's lechugo 2 თვის წინ
@renoir how do you know that?
renoir 2 თვის წინ
she don't like jimin
Me & Myself
Me & Myself 2 თვის წინ
Seriously i love you as much as i love taekook sis...thank youu for this 🤭💜
Annika Lund
Annika Lund თვის წინ
@Me & Myself, Later i’ve seen many comments by Renoir under other comments. Ridiculous. I had to make a comment to him/her. It’s just not true. Bahare likes Jimin a lot.
Me & Myself
Me & Myself თვის წინ
@Annika Lund yeahh...i was thinking about that too...she never told that she hates Jimin 😌
Annika Lund
Annika Lund 2 თვის წინ
@renoir, That ‘s a lie. Stop saying that! She never disrespected another member, and certainly not Jimin. She loves Jimin. Don’t copy other people, but do your own research. Please.
Me & Myself
Me & Myself 2 თვის წინ
@renoir wdym ?
taekooker 101
taekooker 101 2 თვის წინ
GUYS! VOTE TAEKOOK ON kingchoice.me as #1 kpop couple!!!
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 2 თვის წინ
The trite anime distinctly zip because math accidentally kill through a ill-informed sampan. adorable, materialistic cemetery
Anjana Upadhyay
Anjana Upadhyay 2 თვის წინ
Hi, I just wanted to give my suggestion. I have seen many jikookers saying that in one of the v live where jungkook was wearing a robe and tae went to his room, jimin was there in his room. They even said that JK and jimin Makeout. I am hard taekook stan so since you are one of the most reliable taekooker I want you to analyse that V live and you may show your opinion. Cause what those jikookers said was definitely not true but I just want you to make a video on it since your analysis looks very trustworthy. You may take your time. BTW I love your videos Taekook forever 🐯❤️🐰
Firia Erdegard
Firia Erdegard 2 თვის წინ
It was actually already been debunked a long time ago by several taekookers but too bad those channels got taken down and the videos were lost. There was a good one that explained the "physics" involved, like the lighting, angles, whatsoever. Ultimately, the conclusion was that there was nobody else inside the room but jk & v. It would be great if taekook lives can make a vid about it again. It really makes me wonder why people fall into believing that analysis of theirs. The only things that anchor their claim that jimin was inside the room were 1. Jk's incoherent utterance which they say sounded like "ji-" something (not even sure, 'cause it can be anything you want it to believe 'cause it was incoherent), and 2. they also claim that some belongings there were owned by jimin which is false because there were photos and/or screenshots from bon voyage 2 showing that those things were owned by jungkook himself. So none of their proofs are conclusive. They were making claims out of thin air. The biggest lies were when they did not mention that... 1. Tae texted jk to inform him that he's going to his room and jk replied. Tae read jk's room number from the reply. So if jk had someone inside his room and in the middle of doing something, why would he reply so quickly to tae in the first place and not forbid him from coming? 2. The bed and pillows were very neat. It did not look like any action was taking place there. If anyone else was there, there should have been at least some trace of crinkles on the bed sheet but none. 3. Jkkrs said jm hid in the toilet but the toilet was actually open. 4. The jkkr analyst said jm was upset of tae the following day because of getting cockblocked. Big lie again because the truth was, jm got upset because he & tae met up to do their dialect tutorial show but tae suddenly quit before broadcast because he felt like he should no longer focus on dialect 'cause it took him long to straighten his standard korean. Jimin was upset or kinda pissed off but it wasn't serious. He was even bringing up the humor about tae's antics later in his vlive. 5. Suga was the first one whom jimin wanted as tae's replacement but he remembered that suga was busy so he thought of asking jk instead because "he's an obedient dongsaeng. It's easy to ask him favor." So yeah, once again jm referred to jk as younger brother. 6. Jkkrs were pointing out that jk was sassy towards tae when he came to his room last night but totally ignored that he was kinda sassy towards jimin too in the beginning when he was summoned for reason he doesn't know. Apparently, jm did not tell jk why he was summoned and jk wasn't tuned in as well to jm's vlive. 7. Jimin said to jk, "you know taehyung did vlive last night, right?" Then proceeds to talking about what he saw on tae's vlive and made fun of tae's antics. That totally did not sound like jm was in the same room as jk & V last night nor did he sound like angry about getting cockblocked. 8. Tae changed his mind and suddenly wanted to join jm's vlive. But Jm was still upset of him so he forbade jk & Jin from opening the door for tae. Jk literally told jm, "shouldn't you feel sorry for him (tae)?" And later on said, "Let me open the door." So jk wanted to let taehyung in. 9. In the end jm decided to let tae join in but he asked tae to go along with his prank first. It totally did not look like anyone is angry because of getting cockblocked. They were all just in a comedic mood. 10. While they were eating the foods, Jin complained about tae's habit of spitting out the noodles back to the cup. He was grossed out of it. None of them touched tae's cup noodles... except of course jk who ate tae's spitted out noodles. 11. Jm's vlive was where that moment of jk covering tae's exposed chest happened then tae's reaction was "how exciting" (he made Lenny face.). They claim jkk are bf but jk was acting domestic not towards jm but tae & was also taking side with tae when jm banned him from his vlive.
Dayely Castañeda
Dayely Castañeda 2 თვის წინ
La conexión que tiene es increíble
velma sanchez
velma sanchez 2 თვის წინ
So love Tae and Jungkook together!!!
K L 2 თვის წინ
I think there is a message of JK taking a selfie in front of that specific bedframe. Of all the others places in the place he took it in front of that. Plus it could have been taken on the 23rd regardless it was posted between the 23rd and 26th. We know that that they like to tie things together that is important to them. We know how much Malta meant to them.
kristen green
kristen green 2 თვის წინ
What interview was it where JK did the whistling?
Silvia Roco
Silvia Roco 2 თვის წინ
Taekook love is real and forever 💜💜
gguknim 2 თვის წინ
if they really filmed it on Jan 23 then its 1-23 🤐
gguknim 2 თვის წინ
tae: *breathes* jk: good! that's good! very artistic!
Kurbatova Veronika
Kurbatova Veronika 2 თვის წინ
I am supposed to write an essay but well let's get some taekook 🙌
ayushi sharma
ayushi sharma 2 თვის წინ
You know I keep watching your old videos whenever I'm free bcz I love seeing taekook together and you have the best collection..!! But idk why I love the old intro more👉🏻👈🏻 the new one is also nice no doubt but just.. mollaaa... Anyways you nice keep going.. we love you and taekook so much 💜
GraceOT7 2 თვის წინ
Run a latest ep when tae kiss on jin cheek.. jk smile and than his face change in to a sulking way.. i don't know if you guys notice it or not... poor jk..and they sit together after. Sorry my english is not good
aseret atsoca
aseret atsoca 2 თვის წინ
@taekook-lives i like when you analyze Taekook bcuz you only looked at what you want to see or believe. but there is something you're missing though. try analyzing also Jimmin/JK. there's something off with them. I'm already hooked on shipping Taekook and somehow believe on it also, but when I looked in another perspective, I saw insincerity. i just wished that my instinct is wrong. I hate seeing Taehyung being toyed, used or being a laughing stock bcuz it really breaks a mother's heart (my heart) who cares on someone's son. I care more on Taehyung's feelings because he's pure and innocent. hope you understand me.
taekook-lives 2 თვის წინ
This channel is called Taekook lives not Jikook dies. No one is playing or toying with anyone and no I don't understand you.
Amba .B
Amba .B 2 თვის წინ
Armies pls vote for Taekook, Liskook is catching up!!Pls vote forTaekook!!!
Berni Delahunty
Berni Delahunty 2 თვის წინ
You really are Amazing Xx
123 GO
123 GO 2 თვის წინ
Love it! Still looking for January rings, though.
Unknown _
Unknown _ 2 თვის წინ
im begging pls someone tell me the cover at the beginning. Im desperately looking for it. I tried to type EVERYTHING but still couldnt find it
Khadija Arshad
Khadija Arshad 15 დღის წინ
@Unknown _ you're welcome..hehehe
Unknown _
Unknown _ 15 დღის წინ
@Khadija Arshad you cant know how grateful i am for your comment... Thank you sm
Khadija Arshad
Khadija Arshad თვის წინ
I just found it.. Its" chingu " by ahn jae wook gepost.info/run/video/1qiYaaLa0JyqqW0 Here is the link
Teenage girl
Teenage girl თვის წინ
Exactly even I can't find the name of the song
Annika Lund
Annika Lund 2 თვის წინ
I think it was in a Run BTS episode, where they did a lot of games and there was a karaoke machine. Check the Runs. I don’t remember the number...
Samah Hedda
Samah Hedda 2 თვის წინ
I love how your channel is growing!! YOU DESERVE IT QUEEN 💜
Meril Thomas
Meril Thomas 2 თვის წინ
Can u add the taekook moments from latest run episode also and also v staring at jk when all members where together in the last part of new year card video
V Kim
V Kim 2 თვის წინ
im in love just by looking at taekook.
Shreya Bhawal 20-196
Shreya Bhawal 20-196 2 თვის წინ
Hope that I am not the only one who noticed Jungkook's smile fading away as soon as Taehyung kissed Jin in the latest RUN episode!
Shreya Bhawal 20-196
Shreya Bhawal 20-196 2 თვის წინ
@serena smith But the other members were talking too...it's like JK got all competitive suddenly...or maybe I am thinking too much ... whatever we got a TaeJin cute moment 😂
serena smith
serena smith 2 თვის წინ
It didn’t fade because of that. The game that they were playing required them to not move so if anyone saw him laughing or smiling he’d out
ho ho
ho ho 2 თვის წინ
taekook are bff or not?
Misbah Daudi
Misbah Daudi 2 თვის წინ
Where can I read the article
Kay 2 თვის წინ
Listening to 2U...😭😭😭😭😭😭
Shreshtha Nimbalkar
Shreshtha Nimbalkar 2 თვის წინ
kingchoice.me//topic-the-100-most-favorite-kpop-ship-couples-2021-1258.html?option=41317 Vote for Taeook guys...u can vote multiple times in a day and even in a minute!!
Narin Gmslr
Narin Gmslr 2 თვის წინ
Vkook 💜💚🐰🐯
fernanda almeida
fernanda almeida 2 თვის წინ
Tae🆚kook 😘👀
lis garcia
lis garcia 2 თვის წინ
Please can anyone can tell the tittle of the 2 song at the video intro.. I can't find it and the songs are beatifull so I want to dowload in my play list.. thank a lot and remember that WE ARE BULLETPROOF no mather what.
lis garcia
lis garcia 2 თვის წინ
@Pikachu 2003 thanks a lot!
Pikachu 2003
Pikachu 2003 2 თვის წინ
'Hello' by huhgukk.. I think u are talking about this song
Khali Peeli
Khali Peeli 2 თვის წინ
Seriously I guess it was an exchange offer If there is No TK scene in Tae's bday then Tae can post a pic lol 😂😂😂
Rea Loquinario
Rea Loquinario 2 თვის წინ
WTF!!! You are absolutely right!!! What IF they filmed it on Jan 23 🛎🛎🛎 that explains why they were clingy and what even melts my 💜 more is that BH put them together omg im really gonna lose it 🙈 ohhh let me dream ✌️ girl i know there’s a lot of hate out there, really admire on how you handle things 😉 at the end of the day you know yourself and intentions that’s what really matters, i appreciate your work/content and thank you for bringing 😊 to me...till the next vid 🙏
topsyturvy06 2 თვის წინ
I knew something was not right. It is v's birthday celebration and there is not jungkook. Get out of here! The staff should really give up trying to fool army. I am so glad we have you to catch them. FBI has nothing on you! I love your videos. Thank you for having taekook's back and ours!
Meg Teeps
Meg Teeps 2 თვის წინ
I was so excited when I saw you posted another video!! :) thank you so much for all of the work that you do! Borahae!! 💜
Sam Carmen
Sam Carmen 2 თვის წინ
I remember I saw the notification for this 12 hours ago and I was going to click, but I was so tired. here I am now tho
Vanessa Weymann
Vanessa Weymann 2 თვის წინ
nazee fiya
nazee fiya 2 თვის წინ
Taehyung always jungkook baby bear sarenghae 💜💜💜💜💜 I purple you taehyung really want jungkook and he get it jungkook always taehyung by side this is taehyung want bts members v most favourite member is jungkook also jungkook really want taehyung sarenghae taekook 0and
nazee fiya
nazee fiya 2 თვის წინ
00:31 what song please say the song name reply me I ask many more time you don't reply me please 😔🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Pikachu 2003
Pikachu 2003 2 თვის წინ
If I am not wrong it's 'hello' by huhguk...
Khushiieee 2 თვის წინ
Delete space word from your dictionary if you are Taekooker
•MEA• 2 თვის წინ
Hmm I wanna know what you guys do on the daily And any recommendations cuz I've been bored 😂
Shumaiya Ali
Shumaiya Ali 2 თვის წინ
Can Someone tell me the video name for the New Years eve interview they went to?
Afrin Wazida
Afrin Wazida 2 თვის წინ
I am so happy that I came to this fandom, better be late than never💜🤧🥺🥰
Agustina P
Agustina P 2 თვის წინ
I love your attention to details!! Also what i noticed when they were all together was V’s sweet stare to jk when j hope asked him if he drew the cow. And the way they mirrored each other all the time was loving!
Fiorella Sánchez
Fiorella Sánchez 2 თვის წინ
I'm wating for BTS Run episode! Love ur vids
Mariana Martínez
Mariana Martínez 2 თვის წინ
Ellos son tan hermosos 💜😍 💜TAE🐻KOOK🐰💜 💜POR SIEMPRE💜
Maheshi Delumgahawaththa
Maheshi Delumgahawaththa 2 თვის წინ
You are the perfect analyzer❤❤ There are some cuts. Fact : taekook is real😌😌
Sujitha Sukumaran
Sujitha Sukumaran 2 თვის წინ
Wonderful intro😍😍
Malu Agustin
Malu Agustin 2 თვის წინ
HELLO, Bahare taekook-lives 💜 PLEASE, PLEASE I hope you could find time to analyze the full clip of 1:02 here and listen to the audio of JK’s teasing sound that made Tae shy. I find it really romantic, bordering on something naughty 🤭 Thank you and I look forward to more yt posts now that you said you have finished the au in 🐥 Btw i saw your picture, you are even more beautiful than what I imagined based on your voice !
Lov Buffy
Lov Buffy 2 თვის წინ
Sharon Gitau
Sharon Gitau 2 თვის წინ
@taekook-lives You really are the best at mining Taekook gold!🕵️‍♀️ Thank you! "Borahae!"💜 Fighting!
Lee Ji-hoon
Lee Ji-hoon 2 თვის წინ
Jk's voice changes to deep low voice when he's with V .!
Ro D
Ro D თვის წინ
According to research done on the matter, people tend to match the pitch of their lover’s voice. Just sayin’, science has spoken 👀🤫😅
Sadana Avinash
Sadana Avinash თვის წინ
That's actually related to body language...
Rumina Kazmi
Rumina Kazmi 2 თვის წინ
It was very cute and funny how jk was continously complimenting tae about the drawing😆. When i joined this fandom i didn't knew there were things called Ships🙃. I didn't knew that there is a ship called Taekook. At first when i started watching BTS videos i saw how clingy taekook were and i could tell that how they care for eachother and how they loved eachother😍. Honestly, at that time i wanted them to be together😅🙈. Then i came to knew about taekook ship and my all doubts were cleared. I believe in taekook. It will be hard for everyone of us if they didn't ended up together💔. I believe in taekook more than my existence😏. You Taekook lives made my doubts clear and i love you😘. There are other ships like Jikook,vmin,taejin etc. I feel brother type relation between them all except taekook🤗. I don't know i just love them and i know even if they are real people wont let them be together and they will end up separating😔🥺
diana macias
diana macias 2 თვის წინ
I love the way you analyzed, can you gives us your point of view of the tae's kiss pleaaaaseeeee
Katty Y.
Katty Y. 2 თვის წინ
hello please can you put the subtitles in spanish please
Taekook being uncomfortable for 14 minutes straight
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when Taekook forget they are on air ! They cutely exposed themself ㅋㅋㅋ
Highlights Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona (2-1)
LaLiga Santander
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Sen Çal Kapımı
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