Forever Bulletproof: BTS 2020 Documentary (방탄소년단 2020 다큐멘터리)

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This is a continuation of our Forever Bulletproof: BTS 7th Anniversary Documentary released in June 2020. For those who have seen our 7th anniversary documentary and would like to continue from where you left off, you can go to the 10:51 timestamp.
A documentary series that shows the journey of seven boys working together towards a common dream; the growth of their personalities and artistry through their hard work. Their honesty and sincerity through music have earned them one of the strongest fandoms of today, ARMY.
FOREVER BULLETPROOF highlights real-life events that shaped BTS through the eyes of fans that have supported them through the years.
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Special thanks to Research BTS for allowing us to build upon the 2020 clip💜
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Zio 10
Zio 10 7 საათის წინ
JK looks the best with his jet black hair!! Love BTS!! Have given so much joy to many. Would love to see them in concert someday.
mai-ph- დღის წინ
I am a mother. In my short comings difficulties and my down moment ... Quarantine day. Bts is the solution why I laughed cry and so much happiness in my heart. In short bts is my Vitamins. 💗💗💗 Thank you bts. God will Bless you guys.
Mia5555 5 დღის წინ
I’m 65 - BTS have put smile and laughter in my life like new ❤️
Monica Sapp
Monica Sapp 5 დღის წინ
BTS has inspired my Art and to learn another language. Forever Young at 54 I Love You BTS. US ARMY Loves BTS. Your Fan Mom Monica
Wang Y
Wang Y 6 დღის წინ
Their work erhic and displaying the very best in each performance is inspiring. Their good music, music videos, live concerts, TV shows demonstrates authenticity and relatability. Your music break through borders n regions . LightitUp BTS !
BTS OT7 7 დღის წინ
Thanks for giving JHope, RM and Suga as much screen time as the vocal line. I love them all and so happy to see them equally on screen.
Marianela Vegerano
Marianela Vegerano 10 დღის წინ
Doree Marasi
Doree Marasi 10 დღის წინ
Nice and comprehensive content. Congrats for a job well done.
Marialen Narabab
Marialen Narabab 11 დღის წინ
I dont heard bts in 12 yrs in abroad ( Israel) due to busy working hard . but my childrens dying for bts when i comeback to philippines b4 pandemic i start wacthing in follow subscribe. . all videos in yutube tiktok concerts i am not tired to watch they makes me laugh, crashes also to all the cutties members of bts makes me feel young, i try to sing their songs also it was amazing .if i want feel to disco i will watch idol ,dna . I love blackswan anyway i love all songs of bts . Thank you bts of korea to give happines to all the people in the world to relive our deppresion ,stress and anxiety . U help a lot because of your music cheorchograpy ,the melody and also the meaning of songs. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜♥️♥️♥️♥️💜🇵🇭
MALU CHIE 14 დღის წინ
BTS deserves all the recognitions as they worked very hard and continue to work with dedication putting their hearts to every song they make. Their music defies cultural boundaries, ages, races, gender as the messages relates to everyday and everyone’s life experiences. I love watching their videos, and listening to their songs which are now part of my everyday life. Your music are in different genre which goes to show that truly BTS is a bunch of brilliant artists. BTS Revitalizes me during this time of pandemic when everything seems to have been taken away. BTS have achieved tremendous awards but the greatest of all is the Love from people worldwide. On the other hand, the Love (self love and love to others) implanted in every heart (both army and non-army) is a precious gift from you BTS. Congratulations BTS. South Korea you got a rare JEWEL in BTS. Take care of them. I Love you BTS❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kary Sans
Kary Sans 15 დღის წინ
BTS & BigHit Entertainment : Thank you for your love and wisdom words throu the 2020-2021 Covid-19 pandemic. we congrat you BTS and your Grammy is our hearts the heart of this universe much bigger than anything. BTS the world knows you and cherish you all the way so we ARMY of this Universe are here for you, so keep being there for us blessings and best wish always, saranhae love you guys!!!
all in one
all in one 19 დღის წინ
Hiiii army had your exams finished 🤔I hope you had done Welll 😊😊😊
May Sahagun
May Sahagun 22 დღის წინ
Im your forever Army my idol BTS💜
Linda Clark
Linda Clark 24 დღის წინ
James Corden, traitor
kaktgk nynjbonc
kaktgk nynjbonc 24 დღის წინ
I am 68 years of age and I am here - that is all I need to say about my love for BTS.
J.A J 25 დღის წინ
Fact that every performance they give is bigger than a concert. They give it all to each and every performance and make it big with every opportunity. it simply takes my heart away. Boraheee💜💜💜
Idalia Ruiz
Idalia Ruiz 27 დღის წინ
Es indudable que bts es el grupo más exitoso del mundo se lo han ganado a base de constancia y por ese gran amor y respeto que le tienen a la música, bts lo amamos millones de personas de todas las edades en todo el mundo. Bts = arte en toda la extensión de la palabra
Idalia Ruiz
Idalia Ruiz 27 დღის წინ
Es indudable que bts es el grupo más exitoso del mundo se lo han ganado a base de constancia y por ese gran amor y respeto que le tienen a la música, bts lo amamos millones de personas de todas las edades en todo el mundo. Bts = arte en toda la extensión de la palabra
Maria Carmen Luna
Maria Carmen Luna თვის წინ
Siempre con ustedes sus ARMYS les ❤️
Maria Carmen Luna
Maria Carmen Luna თვის წინ
Son lis mejores del mundo en este momento y llegaron para quedarse BTS forever.
Maria Carmen Luna
Maria Carmen Luna თვის წინ
BTS, forever ❤️❤️❤️ nacieron para quedarse en el corazón de ARMY
Julie Yang
Julie Yang თვის წინ
What an incredible year for them! 😍🥰💜
Wen Du
Wen Du თვის წინ
Really sad 2020 was the year, army couldn't see BTS in person. Ironically it was one of their biggest year; maybe we really like virtual concerts?
Bonnie Faye McNeil
Bonnie Faye McNeil თვის წინ
Julie. თვის წინ
Thank you so much for all those who contributed in making this presentation . Thank you its such a treat, happy for them and all their success very well deserved.
Chvrp თვის წინ
Why do I feel like the one who made this video is V Biased 😁😍💜 I purple you!💜
Bill Bilson
Bill Bilson თვის წინ
How come they are this busy?
Ana paula Cardoso Cardoso
Ana paula Cardoso Cardoso თვის წინ
Hello suga I Love yuo I Love yuo BTS 😘😘😘😘😘💘💘💘💘💘💘😍😍😍😍
liza risa
liza risa თვის წინ
V saying to jk that you can't live without me... The way jimin laughed!! 😂😂 suga & jin said thay i raised him 😂😂😂
Pops Juguilon
Pops Juguilon თვის წინ
I think I have already posted a comment here earlier. But since I love to repeat watching any videos related to BTS and at the same time reading the comments, I can't help but post another comment as I notice many Army who are 50 years old and above just like me. And it gives an awesome feeling to know that the fandom of BTS is so diverse... it cuts across many nationalities, ages, and genders all over the world. What is more amazing is that BTS, with their music, has unconsciously "harmoniously unified" all these people whom they call their Army and somehow offered some sense of relief and/or comfort in one's life especially during this present times. Thank you so much for coming up with this kind of documentary film as it gives Army a capsulized glimpse of how our idols worked hard to give their Army the best entertainment they could give. BTS FOREVER, FOREVER BTS ARMY
Jacqueline თვის წინ
En savege dis love falto por poner a Kookie min 25:26??????
eleanor casarez
eleanor casarez თვის წინ
I am a young forever 79 year old grandmother. . I became an army during the pandemic last year. The first video I saw I was mesmerized by their talent. But I was so into them I started to find out more about them. I wasn't surprised about all the good things they have done for people.. They love their army and know because of us, they are #1 loved in the whole world. But they do so much for the young people because they have experienced the same problems. But there is no age limit. We all experience things in our life. It's nice to hear them tell us that we need to love ourselves.. we kind of forget that. They really want the best for everyone. When I discovered them they helped me out of a depression I was going through. I find myself singing their songs all the time.I even look up the lyrics to their songs so I'll know what the song is about. Have seen just about everything there is to see on you tube. I even bought the new album BE which I listen to all the time.. Ilove to power walk so I take their music with me everytime. I can't say enough about how great they dance and their stage presence when they perform. We don't care that we can't always understand Korean, they have that charisma that you just enjoy what they're singing. And their dancing is something to really take notice of. There will never be another group like this. These boys were meant to be together. Thank you for putting this video together, really enjoyed seeing all the great songs and great dancing!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Cathy Cannon
Cathy Cannon თვის წინ
Hi to my 7 wonders. You are all Bulletproof. I have been crazy for BTS for about 3 years. I am 67 and they are like my grandsons. I love them all and so proud 💜 of each one. God bless you and may God hold you safely in his arms giving you a long and healthy life.
Luz 53
Luz 53 თვის წინ
Thank you BTS💕❤️💕💕
Dark თვის წინ
Fake Love = Blackswan Boy with Luv = Dynamite Mic Drop = ON
Cindy Santore
Cindy Santore 2 თვის წინ
Just rewatched again such great achievements I feel like a proud parent. They have become such amazing young men.💜💜💜💜 Keep it up we love you
Malte Grotheer
Malte Grotheer 2 თვის წინ
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GILDA SANCHEZ 2 თვის წინ
I'm a 70 year old grandma love of goid music and even before they made it big I saw how special and unique BTS was and it was a given all people's around the world will fall in love with them. The world was starving for good music and entertainment of commited and hard working artist that would give it their all to their craft.👏👏👏👍🤗❤
rbsmmm 2 თვის წინ
I’m 60 and I love bts !
Pink and Donut
Pink and Donut 2 თვის წინ
Who's proud of our boys?
prettjoon lovely
prettjoon lovely 2 თვის წინ
Thank you for doing this. It can help many new armys. Very good idea of ​​compiling everything. It would be nice to make a video every year!
영원히방탄 소년단아미
영원히방탄 소년단아미 2 თვის წინ
Hey us ARMY TW //R@PE I WARNED YOU ABOUT THIS CONTAINS GRAPHICS My step-brother just.... R@ped me. What should I do? My parents aren't coming home for another month. He r@ped me last night and I threw up this morning. What should I do? he said if I tell anyone, he will do worse than last night or kill me. What should I do? I'm 11. I need help! I can't call 911 because he will hear me... What should I do???? My room doesn't have a lock and I feel sick and dizzy... I'm 11 and he is 21.. I need help and I don't know what to do. ( the last Pic was just now after he tortured me again.) An American shared this on ARMY wewerse app and can't call the police I want help from you because I am Turkish and therefore I cannot call 911. We ask for your help because this is a really important issue
Lynnette Osias
Lynnette Osias 2 თვის წინ
52 (Silver Army). Their music cheers me up 🌞💜 and helps me get through these cloud-covered 🌫☔ days here in Seattle. Would love 💜 to see them here in the Pacific Northwest once Covid-19 is over.
JCW 2 თვის წინ
They have my vote for worldwide hardest working, most talented and inspirational artists of the year award☺️ 💜💜💜FOREVER ARMY
Tizi Io
Tizi Io 2 თვის წინ
2020 was disastrous for me both my parents died due to poor health. i discovered bts. their videos of their gags and their songs allow me not to think about my tragedy and allow me to laugh. Thank you guys. I love you very much and I still wish you many successes. you are very good.
Tizi Io
Tizi Io 2 თვის წინ
@JCW thank you for your concern. my mother died on Christmas day and my father less than a month earlier. I lived with them. It's hard not to want to go with them. I know our bts say they love yourself but I never did. Anyway thanks for your thought
JCW 2 თვის წინ
I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. I hope their music will help to heal your heart. Please take care of yourself.
RoRo 7
RoRo 7 2 თვის წინ
Let's all do our part in 2021, so we can get back to live concerts & fun with our babies, BTS. "BE" happy & productive; "Life goes on" when never giving up. So, people let's get it done... let's go!!! You're worth it & BTS too.
RoRo 7
RoRo 7 2 თვის წინ
Happy New Year 🎉 & God bless BTS, their ARMY, families, affiliates, & great staff. Rising to the top, they've given all they got... rejected even shamed in the beginning but they never stopped. Phenomenally gifted, hard working, diversity magnets, global phenomenons, & exceptions to the machine...they will be copied but never replaced...the true "Emperors of Music" today, BTS 💜👏💯👍😘💐💃😂💜 Thank you for all you've done & will continue to do. BE happy, stay healthy and safe out there.
Shari Smith
Shari Smith 2 თვის წინ
Fantastic job, but you forgot Jin! You mentioned Abyss, but his song "Moon" broke records in 2020. #1 in 92 countries, it made Rolling Stone's top 5 boy band songs of all time, and longest time spent on Melon's charts, plus a shout out to Jin from NASA. All in all he did quite well. Incredible year.
micheal ogboru
micheal ogboru 2 თვის წინ
Please React To Forever Bulletproof BTS 2020 Documentary And Forever Bulletproof BTS 7th Anniversary Documentary,Both Video Links Are Below. 1,BTS 2020 Documentary 2,BTS 7th Anniversary Documentary
Burnum Burnum
Burnum Burnum 2 თვის წინ
BTS - Has done the unthinkable against all odds, they have changed attitudes for love with South Korean KPOP music. BTS introduced a new trend and fashion onto the scene for modern day common society into the arts and music industry. The popular group literally have people of all ages and walks of life buzzing worldwide as we speak. -:)................ "Aussie friend"
Val Mace
Val Mace 2 თვის წინ
I am so glad that there are older people who like bts I’m 60 and my husband tells me to grow up, but that’s not going to happen 🙅‍♀️
Val Mace
Val Mace 2 თვის წინ
Forgot to to say saw them at Wembley and they were amazing
Ashley Kenny
Ashley Kenny 2 თვის წინ
*mic drop *
Queen QT
Queen QT 2 თვის წინ
I’m A Grandmother and since Wham and the late George Michaels I have never been interested in any other groups since I started hearing BTS from the first song I heard “SAVE ME” I haven’t turned back.Their songs are on my Spotify playlist and I thoroughly enjoy listening to these talented souls sing Which brings my gloomy day into a sunshiny day 🙇🏻‍♀️ kamsameda Thankyou BTS ❤️❤️❤️🇦🇺
Jeon Kookies ALB
Jeon Kookies ALB 2 თვის წინ
Asshh korona I miss bts concert
cristina bondoc
cristina bondoc 2 თვის წინ
Beautiful! 😊💜💜💜
Gulrukh Sadullayeva
Gulrukh Sadullayeva 2 თვის წინ
Thank you for all amazing moments!
Racine Mai
Racine Mai 2 თვის წინ
BTS is THAT...Once In A Lifetime Group!
Christine Karlsen
Christine Karlsen 2 თვის წინ
Thank you dear ARMY for bringing me in to this wonderful world of BTS 💜❤️
Just Ari
Just Ari 2 თვის წინ
Boyyyy this is aloooootttt .
Priyasa 2 თვის წინ
2020 starting from april, my life has been all about BTS
THANYA LEANN 2 თვის წინ
Thank you BTS I just became an Army this year and my life has only been great since I don’t know how I lived this long without Bts but I’m happy they are apart of my life now 💜💜💜
Vivian Quevedo
Vivian Quevedo 2 თვის წინ
I just got into the fandom... ARMY is amazing on showing actual support towards the boys they admire. This is fascinating
Tiffany Harris
Tiffany Harris 2 თვის წინ
2020 was BTS' best, unforgettable year yet!!! They put their hard effort and work by writing songs from the heart with a lot of stories to tell, got incredible talent, amazing dancing moves, also giving a million dollars to the BLM Movement, and they're truly generous, Plus they have a friendship/relationship between each other and the fans. Nothing's to change that. I will stan BTS for the rest of my life and forever. 😊☺💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😀😃😌
Pen2x R. Galao
Pen2x R. Galao 2 თვის წინ
Mike Song
Mike Song 2 თვის წინ
We are so so proud because we have BTS country. I love you guys BTS ~ !!!!!
Molly Bryant
Molly Bryant 2 თვის წინ
I'm 44 and been a fan of BTS for awhile now and they are my absolute favorite group. They are so positive and just really lift me up. I'm always happy when I listen to their music. They are so fun and charming. You can't help but smile watching them and their crazy antics. They are bringing ppl together and spreading positive energy. I just love them!
Leeane MacKechnie
Leeane MacKechnie 2 თვის წინ
I am 57 and I feel like Barbara Mitchel. Technology has saved me also. I have Parkinsons and every day that I can wake up and listen or watch BTS is a blessing. Thank you, thank you for your talent, humor, and music. You work so hard for us...........i love evey single one of you and your hearts of gold!
Every Rose
Every Rose 2 თვის წინ
Amazing documentary, I ended tired only watching it, imagine our boys so hardworking and successful.
Sariel 2 თვის წინ
Army! Stream Dynamite mv. We are almost 800 million views!
faceu trouble
faceu trouble 2 თვის წინ
My aunt was half watching this with me and said, "I just can't understand why they're called IDLE". I'm still laughing.
Rehab Khan
Rehab Khan 2 თვის წინ
The fact they did all of this in one year which was supposed to go bad but they did it, I am proud of Bts and Army 😄
They are the busiest boy band in the world 🌎🌍🌍.I admired them for being hardworking... good example of LIFE GOES ON even the time of pandemic...
쨈보 2 თვის წინ
#EndKorenWar BTS 🎶🎶🎶💕🌹
Jenny Salazar
Jenny Salazar 2 თვის წინ
Thamk you for this very well made and comprehensive video about bts 2020. I just became an army oct of 2020 and i am so impressed by BTS talent, passion and hardwork.
Jae Brewed
Jae Brewed 2 თვის წინ
BTS had a busy 2020. So glad to find them to experience almost everyone of these moments.
db 2 თვის წინ
They are the only reason I'm thankful to be alive in this generation.
Beheshta _
Beheshta _ 2 თვის წინ
BTS could go to mars and come back if they wanted. Nothing is impossible for them
Lori Can CUI
Lori Can CUI 2 თვის წინ
2020 was a terrible year for the world, but BTS helped millions of ARMYS around the world pull through it. We are a strong fandom because of our diversity, and our strong support and love for BTS. Why do you think we keep winning the "Best Fandom" Awards? Because we are one of the best fandoms out there, who love and support their artists no matter what. I purple you, ARMY! Fighting!
itisha Patel
itisha Patel 2 თვის წინ
Class 2020 performance was the first time I watched and listen to their music . That made so happy 😊 and now I am an army . Thank you for your support and endless love during hard times . I purple you 💜
Maria Cortes
Maria Cortes 2 თვის წინ
Group BTS is the Best My favorite is Min Yoongi “SUGA”
I Love Your Bïas
I Love Your Bïas 2 თვის წინ
I think BTS really changed my life. From loving myself and believing myself to build my confidence for my dreams. I wanted to thank them in person. For the last 5 years until today, I am still an Army that my family knows. Not just BTS, ARMYS, also Armys. You guys are my best friends even though I don't know or you don't know me guys. Let's all countinue the cycle of our happiness! Keep safe! ILYYYYY
mint pokerface
mint pokerface 2 თვის წინ
BTS is a bunch of boys who got me think twice for killing my self. Especially in 2016 when everything turn bad, i listen to BTS to control that desire
Jamie Zane
Jamie Zane 2 თვის წინ
June 7, they made me cry my eyes out 5 am with Dear Class 2020
Bidisha Bhattacharjee Saha
Bidisha Bhattacharjee Saha 2 თვის წინ
Me , my younger sister , my 6 yr old son die heart fan of BTS I purplee you my Rainbow BTS 🌈 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Indian Army 🇮🇳
Marah Jane
Marah Jane 2 თვის წინ
BtsArmy for life 💜💜💜 The best decision I ever made... Bts Borahee💜💜💜💜
Ирина Тимофеева
Ирина Тимофеева 2 თვის წინ
Поистине 2020 год - год BTS! Столько любви, заботы, внимания с их стороны буквально выплеснуто на нас всех! Как же их не любить после этого!? Я бабуля, мне 65! Мальчишки прелесть!
Bry 2 თვის წინ
BTS truly brought comfort to people in 2020 and they deserve all the success this year brought.
These guys are doing amazing things! They have already made music history. Greetings from Cali, Colombia.
Luciana Flanders
Luciana Flanders 2 თვის წინ
Thank you for this---I love them!! My sister and I discovered them in 2020 thanks to Dynamite and we are so thankful that we found them. We are not super old--at least I don't think 50 is old---BUT we still hip--lol. Anyway, with 2020 being so depressing, we just were pretty much down---nothing to do, blah, blah, blah---BUT we would hum the tune in the Samsung commercials and were like what is that song. We shazamed it and have never looked back. OMG---we heard of BTS--we remember seeing them on Ellen and the Billboard Music Awards---but never really paid them any attention. When we saw that Dynamite was made by BTS was the song in those commercials--we were like--OMG--what have we been missing. Apparently alot---we now consider ourselves Army--we have dug deep into you tube, reading on line--just whatever we can find out about them and to be honest---I listen to them everyday and they make me, her--they make Us happy and they have bought us so much joy in these down times. I am so happy for their success & I hope they get everything they deserve--they work hard and LOVE their fans. It's amazing all that they do. I am glad that they are becoming more well known around the world. I hope they know America loves them---all races, ages, men, women--everyone!! I PRAY they win the Grammy---they deserve it. Thanks again for such a beautiful documentary!!
cassiereroni 2 თვის წინ
As @K Watt suggested, we should start a fan club sub group called *Silver Army* for all us old folks! 🤣🤣 Or someone could/should create a Silver Army GEpost page. I would but I don't have the energy needed to run it. Could be interesting.
cassiereroni 2 თვის წინ
or not
Айдана Бекбай
Айдана Бекбай 2 თვის წინ
Всем привет! Подскажите пожалуйста, когда и кто выпустит этот шедевр на русском языке с русской озвучкой???
Carrie 2 თვის წინ
This timeline video is really cool 😎
Cathy C
Cathy C 2 თვის წინ
So proud of my boys 💜💜💜💜 there no words to say they keep going I feel like they are not going to stop any time soon 💜💜💜💜
Gunisha Agarwal
Gunisha Agarwal 2 თვის წინ
I'm so grateful for BTS because they gave me a reason to smile and learn something everyday from their songs and through difficult times. I purple you 💜💜
Yuriko Zeff
Yuriko Zeff 2 თვის წინ
Wow...what a great work you did. First, I thought 42min?! No way, I don’t have time for this, but that was nothing since your work is amazing. I remember every single events in 2020, but I still can’t stop watching. You are amazing. Thank you for making this. BTS is amazing!!!!
Khue Le
Khue Le 2 თვის წინ
I wish I counted the total number of awards BTS receives from the beginning of the video to the end.
pinkcloud 2 თვის წინ
what a year :(
Venkata Lakshmi Katta
Venkata Lakshmi Katta 2 თვის წინ
BTS forever'
Aabshaar Shaikh
Aabshaar Shaikh 2 თვის წინ
2020 Year was for BTS and ARMY 💜
DaLonda Carter
DaLonda Carter 2 თვის წინ
I am 63 and The last boy group I was really in to was the Beetles. I found BTS in 2014 and was so enthralled with them
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Heartbreaking Story Behind BTS Success | BTS Documentary Film
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[MMA 2019] MMA 2019 다시보기 | MMA Full ver.
1theK (원더케이)
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BTS Stage Compilation for ARMYs🔥 [COLLECTION-K WAVE]
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BTS Breaks Down Their Music Career | VOGUE JAPAN
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[2020 FESTA] BTS (방탄소년단) '방탄생파' #2020BTSFESTA
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JinMinKook Being The Funniest Trio ( Jin,Jimin,Jungkook )
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ONE Media
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Богатая семья VS Бедная семья
Трум Трум СЕЛЕКТ
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Kuruluş Osman 54. Bölüm
Kuruluş Osman
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Sen Çal Kapımı 38. Bölüm
Sen Çal Kapımı
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