Emanet 127. Bölüm Fragmanı | Legacy Episode 127 Promo (English & Spanish subs)

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Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.

Maria Socorra Silva
Maria Socorra Silva თვის წინ
Que vas acontecer com cerra e yamam
Диля Садыкова
Диля Садыкова თვის წინ
Если так пойдёт, они ни когда не будет вместе 🤔💔
N GK თვის წინ
Brainless kido yaman
N GK თვის წინ
Ülan ÇOCÜK Yaman UYAN ÜLAN!!!!!!!!!!
Tracey Dodsley
Tracey Dodsley თვის წინ
Thank you for the subtitles!
BIGDREAM თვის წინ
Question:How many episodes we must see this time ,until Yaman lern the truth.
Nezire Abdu
Nezire Abdu თვის წინ
Honestly when I watched this fragman I have been terrified how it can be so cruel. It will be a test for Yaman whether he really trusts her
Bego Jimenez
Bego Jimenez თვის წინ
Se van a salir con la suya las víboras???🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Nazia Bee
Nazia Bee თვის წინ
The arrogant Yaman is bak.. He will torture Seher and then fill hurt what he did..this will goes on like in Mills and boon books. No one will have the right to say anything to Seher except him.
Louise Sanwaridi
Louise Sanwaridi თვის წინ
Just looks like Yemin.... dragging draggingggg... till I have stopped at ep 234... and it still going on (319). Good luck.
lule lulee
lule lulee თვის წინ
Sabina Fayziddinova
Sabina Fayziddinova თვის წინ
Enough is enough we can’t handle this anymore 🤯
Samsung Google
Samsung Google თვის წინ
ne pis yerde axwamladlq
Karl Duz
Karl Duz თვის წინ
This show iş so funny and it was supposed to be drama but it only make me laugh😅😅
ThePelides თვის წინ
Times like this I Only like to watch yusuf
Gülay Etiz
Gülay Etiz თვის წინ
Artık izlemem bu diziyi
Maria Taseva
Maria Taseva თვის წინ
Alisa Abu Shaqrah
Alisa Abu Shaqrah თვის წინ
yo wen
yo wen თვის წინ
seher so poor now why everything happen to her
yo wen
yo wen თვის წინ
just honeymoon time this kind matter come out FUCK
Bayram İbrahimov
Bayram İbrahimov თვის წინ
Nasıl ya allah seni ne yapmasın zuhal niyə imkan vetmirsiz güzül-güzel yemekıerini yemesin. Iütfən bu gilmi kim çəlirsə (YAMANLA SƏHƏRİN )iyliyinə və onıar olan yeri çok çeksin LÜTFƏNNNNN.
Яшар Давришов
Яшар Давришов თვის წინ
вы испортили филим вы и сматрити его вы вапще видили коментарий пачетайте вот пото снемайте филем
imran imran
imran imran თვის წინ
Thank u soo much for adding subtitles.
Farhana Khan
Farhana Khan თვის წინ
I see a lot of the ppl here giving comments also do so in the episodes as well. We are all upset about the twist albeit a bit weak. This is something we all knew would happen but guessing how the story will unfold. I somehow like the wild Yaman with bad ass attitude because then he is able to think without influence. Seher has softened him way too much. His love for her has also blinded him because he cannot deal with the fact that she could love Selim. She has been hesitant with him and the advances he made towards her ,so he would be in doubt. He is way too angry and it will take him very long to calm down to be able to analyze the whole situation therefore he will be very indifferent to her.The recording he has heard is killing him.His ego is badly hurt. Let’s see what is in store for us going forward. Enjoy everyone 😢🤣😘🤦‍♀️
Virhe Kate
Virhe Kate თვის წინ
I hope he doesn’t believe the snakes 😭😭😭😭
sara jaya
sara jaya თვის წინ
hopefully it turns out okay... don drag dramas it will bored the viewers
Meri თვის წინ
Problem is they are not talking together , should telling everything.
Bakhita alketbi
Bakhita alketbi თვის წინ
How come that his brother understand that she can't be a bad person & Yaman has doubts 😢💔 plz some call me after he find out the truth 😴
xxella თვის წინ
Remember me when yaman is in love with her again
Gatt U
Gatt U თვის წინ
Unlar kavusun artik.selimde herkesning neziredin cusmisti unlarge yardem eterek kendesining erkekligini ispatlesun.
Rita თვის წინ
I hope some magic happens and everything goes back to a happy time for Sehar and Yaman .... please Yaman don't believe that Zuhal
ماريه محمد كروب العراق
ماريه محمد كروب العراق თვის წინ
غير هيه خبله من الطراز الأول
Lidija Milosevic
Lidija Milosevic თვის წინ
You seem to have forgotten that we watched Seher sign a contract that he wouldn't take anything from Yaman. And apparently Yaman no longer believes what he said to her in the car before the wedding, in his eyes, in what he sees when he looks at her, and when he looks at himself in the mirror. I'd like Seher to untie her tongue and say everything that's on her soul, pick up Yusuf and leave, and all before he starts humiliating her. Well, let him run after her for a while! We didn't see anything special about the two of them anyway. They love each other and they're afraid
jamesabaker4695 თვის წინ
Allah, Allah. The only two women Yaman tursts and has infinity in the world are his worse enemies in his own household. He broke his father A heart so he is on the road to doing same to the one he says he love. Oh, just as Adam and Eve trust the words of a snake. He pick the his own poison fruit or the manufacture evidence in the blue folder of lies. Yaman is still the little boy of stones who cares for his own feelings of anger that leads a bull to its death. Seher trusting him will be like a glass that is broken. Their trust will not be as pure or innocent as it was developing until he fell in love with the blue folder and tasted the furit of lies. Maybe he seek truth like a man or still be the beta male with little boy heart. Because he did not have mother to make him man. He should learn to be like Yusaf who lost more than Yaman. Who is humble. Yaman character is not like the ones in the Cukur, Alev Alev. But interesting. Some times predictable and lots times not. His brother should burn the blue folder I would have, why hurt my five brothers or even my four sisters.
Anya İ.A.
Anya İ.A. თვის წინ
Pəs bən bu diziyi burakdım
Filiz Ar
Filiz Ar თვის წინ
Selim senin canin ciksin mikrop nerden Geldin 😢yüregim kaldirmiyo basima agrilar girdi yamani böyle görünce ah ikbal ah Geber insallah catlaaa patlaa zuhal de sende ama Ben inaniyorum onlar mutlu olucaklar ♥️🇹🇷😍🇩🇪♥️🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Caterina Piazza
Caterina Piazza თვის წინ
Grazie mille finalmente capisco che dice la registrazione che seher non ha mai detto a selim questo
Enkeleda Mucaj
Enkeleda Mucaj თვის წინ
Γιατί πήγε τα χαρτιά η μάγισσα
samil huseynov
samil huseynov თვის წინ
Doģrular ortaya çıkıncaya kadar ben yokum🤨yeter artık bu ne be..🤯
Palmira Corregidor
Palmira Corregidor თვის წინ
Oyes más vale tarde que nunca está la promo de hoy en español🇪🇸
Helena თვის წინ
Alla vamos otra vez... se acabo la magia...
Yegane Hesenli
Yegane Hesenli თვის წინ
Men artiq budizini izliye bimryecem cox stres kecirdim,ne olur ki hemise kotuler qazanir iyi insanlar ezab cekir dir kere de bir diziyi rahat izleyek::::::::::::
لولو طياب
لولو طياب თვის წინ
يامان يبقى غبى لو وافق على كل هذا الهراء والغباء والاستخفاف بالمشاهدين
ماريه محمد كروب العراق
ماريه محمد كروب العراق თვის წინ
اليش يعنى هو مو رجال مايشك
Craft Hag
Craft Hag თვის წინ
Well, does anybody feel any better this morning? No? Me neither. I was up until 2:30 am. 🤬
Irma Troncoso
Irma Troncoso თვის წინ
@Safaa B Alaeddine Same thing here , and the only clue I got from Instagram . Was Yaman with pictures on his hand, and the back of two males . Either way he star to investigate or Zuhal gave the name of the people who fallow Seher to confirm that the pictures are real. I still have faith in Yaman that he wont treat her bad , And at the same time scare for what will came next .
Safaa B Alaeddine
Safaa B Alaeddine თვის წინ
Hahahaha. Not better at all. Trying to see if behind the scenes shots from upcoming episodes will boost my morale
dakica თვის წინ
I'm really going crazy. I just thought they were going to enjoy it a little bit and finally get back together. I was hoping for intrigue, but that they'd get over it quickly, now I'm not sure if my heart can withstand tonight's episode.I'm sad 😞😞😞😞😞
Nasir Menga
Nasir Menga თვის წინ
Bis artık seret meyeces nazmiye cadı otur gendin seretokütü karakterle le sen bize çok mutl7lugi gurdün bizde sana dersik sen kaybetin cadı senarist sen hiç aşık olmadįn mi ne yazar okalemin bu kütübukadar bizi vazgeçirdin em kanal yediden düştün sen bu dort dizile bizleri bıktırdįn yazī olsun
Lisa Samaroo
Lisa Samaroo თვის წინ
Love is new to him ppl entyone will get vex after u say so much nice thing to the one u love an then see this give him time 2days
Martin Adike
Martin Adike თვის წინ
Yaman should be a man and send Zuhar away from the mansion immediately he comes back wherever he went to, for the respect of his wife ( Saher )
Nuala Duffy
Nuala Duffy თვის წინ
Will he be wearing his wedding ring, it fell off his finger at dinner, now that's bad luck for a start. ...Shere should just pack her bags, take Yousfe, and leave all the madness of the mansion behind.. we would have thought he would have complete trust in her....but his world has been rocked and probably needs time to process it...Salim better run and hide.....far, far, away!!!🙂🙂🙂🎬🎬👁👁
Debora moraes
Debora moraes თვის წინ
Perdeu o encanto essa série , pelo menos deviam esperar eles ficar juntos para ele sentir que sherer o ama , e quem contou pra bruxa o endereço do casal ?
Qurat Nida
Qurat Nida თვის წინ
I think Yaman's behaviour is right for the moment as in a fit of anger anybody can distrust his / her closest one. And here is the case of jealousy which of course adds fire to his temper. He will think when he is going to calm down a bit. But here the comparison between Seher and Yaman will be wrong because he is angry at her words (Selim, I love you) it is not about money, and Seher trusted him because she herself heard him talking to Nadim, but when it comes to Ela she also shows some tantrum.
Qurat Nida
Qurat Nida თვის წინ
@S R actually I put myself in his shoe and realized it
S R თვის წინ
1.000 likes for your comment
indra samuel
indra samuel თვის წინ
Hello everyone let us think as adults Yaman loves Shere very much if someone tell him something about Shere he will run them but be real this is a voice message letters pictures this will devastate him I blame Shere for hiding everything that happened to her with Selim and Zuhal Yaman is only human and madly in love so he will not be thinking straight now all he will be hearing in his head is I love you from the tape so I want to go a little easy with him until the problem is solved love does make a big man cry like a baby so let us not get mad with him let us hope for the best from a woman's point of view Indra
mousumi nath
mousumi nath თვის წინ
I seriously hate to see the serial anymore get lost u asshole writer keep urself learning how to write the script according to the title so stupid
mousumi nath
mousumi nath თვის წინ
Fuck off the writer from the serial he is a physco he don’t care About the title of the serial it’s Emanet and he is writing negative in every relation he actually don’t know how to keep the legacy with love always evil evil happening to both seher ,Yusuf and Yaman
Gulnar Satyb
Gulnar Satyb თვის წინ
Only Seher began to sniff at the Yaman.
mAk lonG
mAk lonG თვის წინ
Again we will see anger face of Yaman. This week we will see the big storm and earth quake in Yaman and Seher relationship
Adriana Trif
Adriana Trif თვის წინ
My feelings, my anger, my focus, and a few things Part 3 First of all I would like to apologise to those who might feel hurt, but it is not for this purpose. Ladies, I just read a post that made me jump out of bed or I am resting from a migraine ! This lady is referring to an interview in which HIC says he wants to be a model in civil society. She challenged HIC in a violent and disrespectful way ! Ladies, a little seriousness ! This is a drama, a fiction. Not a romcom! Pull yourself together. It's a job, he gets up in the morning to go and earn a living. Just like you do! Just like I do. Ladies, are your lives so meaningless that you're reacting virulently on a soap opera? No family life? Children to take care of? A garden to weed? A fiancé to kiss? A husband whose shirt needs to be washed? Remember ladies, some messages published on the internet and whatever the medium (facebook, IG or twitter) may arrive before the eyes of the person concerned. It is hurtful, humiliating. HIC was forced to remove his family from its social networks to preserve it. Because of his relationship with Sila. What does this have to do with us? Ladies, this is called cyber harassment. In Korea, artists have committed suicide because of it. Because of hysterical fans who don't know the difference. The actress who played Farida in Vuslat is currently paying the price. She had to make a statement saying that she was a daughter, sister and niece and that the attacks on her current role hurt her whole family and broke her heart. She has reached the point where she has decided to take legal action if the attacks continue. HIC is a full-fledged person just like you and me! This is a soap opera that is signed for 255 episodes, can you imagine that there will be some twists and turns? Ladies, imagine reading horror stories about you as you are a ready-made man to bring a drama to life through a screen. How would you react? Your families? Ladies, if you don't like Emanet or more, there is Friends where everything is beautiful and colourful and where they laugh at every episode, but please let us, the real fans, enjoy our soap opera without insults and without disrespect to the actors. Thank you
Qurat Nida
Qurat Nida თვის წინ
Good point, I don't know why people take these dramas too seriously. Enjoy it if you can otherwise switch to another one.
Saira Shafi
Saira Shafi თვის წინ
I’m miffed with the plot but personal attacks on actors is way out of line
Бактыгуль Оморова
Бактыгуль Оморова თვის წინ
Carla Lima
Carla Lima თვის წინ
sara jaya
sara jaya თვის წინ
writer... never do this in terms of love... you are insulting love... hope selim admits to yaman cos selim have so much respect for his mother. that's all I can write here
Sadia Hasan
Sadia Hasan თვის წინ
Strong Seher does comes out with mean Yaman! Everyone was tired of crybaby Seher, hopefully her Mafia boss wife side will come out like it did on the day she walked into the shootout incident.
mari gold
mari gold თვის წინ
Yaman trusting your wife would be easier than mental torture.. Lol nizmiye you loved to create victims that's for sure. No happiness at the wedding honeymoon or afterwards. Didn't anyone tell you love is as free as the air we breathe... Sad for seher.🤦‍♂️ Sad for yaman.. ☹️☹️🎈🎈💔💔
popoparva თვის წინ
I can't get enough of Yaman. I believe, I am in love with him.
Seetha Rani
Seetha Rani თვის წინ
Justice for Seher.😜😜
Durva Bhatt
Durva Bhatt თვის წინ
I love how he's more hurt and upset than he's angry... I love how he is disturbed by the assumption that Seher loves Selim and not about her being a gold digger... I love he didn't give up on his human side that Seher had turned on... That proves that there's still hope.. That he still loves Seher...
S R თვის წინ
samanthi desaman
samanthi desaman თვის წინ
Oh !! poor Seher. Yaman don't trust others . trust only your heart. we are waiting your future action of this regards.
Klara Kruspe
Klara Kruspe თვის წინ
Как мне жаль эту пару.Гадкие две сестры- мерзавки мутят воду. Надоели уже.
Tina K
Tina K თვის წინ
Guys don’t think negatively let this situation happens although our beloved couple is going to be harmed let them finally be able to find out the real face of zuhal and Ikbal and they better also find out that ikbal killed her sister.
Zakir Memmedov
Zakir Memmedov თვის წინ
Huzurumuz bozuldu
Αναστασια Αντωνιαδης
Αναστασια Αντωνιαδης თვის წინ
The screenings have dropped by about half, this shows that the viewers were tired of the silly script .., spectators do not eat hay.A smart and strong man like Yaman suddenly becomes like a 12-year-old and changes his attitude towards the woman he loves.The writers have to change a course to not lose viewers.They should not underestimate the spectators because in the end they will be the losers.
Marilene Pereira
Marilene Pereira თვის წინ
Que pena que não Téi em português em Brasil gosto muito desta novela 😍
Marilene Pereira
Marilene Pereira თვის წინ
As cobras estão atacando sera que wiama vai acreditar ....... o amor deles é lindo guardo eles vou se beija ser lindo 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😙
Marilene Pereira
Marilene Pereira თვის წინ
Vai ser lindo 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Claudia Patricia Neira Cabal
Claudia Patricia Neira Cabal თვის წინ
Que pereza se complico y nunca se dijeron que la amaban
Erika Olmos aguilera
Erika Olmos aguilera თვის წინ
Desde el principio la torturo ahogandola enserandola en un cuarto la mordio un perro la drogaron la balearon estubo presa la cortaron la secuestraron la ahorcaron ect.ect.....que mas desde principio todo llanto 😥😥😥🤕🤕 que mas quieren que le pase a la pobre ⚘⚘ me rompieron el corazon con este capitulo 💔💔🥺🥺
Rufet Imranzade
Rufet Imranzade თვის წინ
Egerakşamki.bölümde.yaman.akıllanmassa.kesin.izleyiciler. Azalacaq.akılıolun
أمينة امان
أمينة امان თვის წინ
Please Sahar, have some dignity and leave him if he trusts zuhal. I swear, I'll stop watching this serie if she continues to cry.
Maria M.
Maria M. თვის წინ
I remain optimistic ... the promo is always misleading .... the promo for the 126 episode was only positive and the end was bad, maybe today it will be the other way around - the promo is only bad and we have a good end 🤞🤞🤞
Maria M.
Maria M. თვის წინ
@Sadia Hasan exactly ... it occurred to me too. My theory: divorce is not possible / Yusuf and social services, conservative channel /, Yaman is wild, quickly ignites but also Seher has never been able to resist, lots of positive supporting characters-Gencer, Arif Baba, Firat, Neslihan .....
Sadia Hasan
Sadia Hasan თვის წინ
I am hoping for that too! Gave me some hope seeing Yaman’s expressions soften looking at Seher sleep. Then his look at the he front door was the old Yaman, let’s see.
cate conlaci
cate conlaci თვის წინ
Dear Nazmiye , why did you destroy all masterpiece that you built? Why? Wrong time, wrong way..we know that this love story will be so long, and for us to get more 200 episodes isn't a good thing, anyway..why now did you decide to stop this extraordinary fairytale? Is it too much asking you here an explanation? We wait..and please, reconside your script. For me, and for many of us..you had written a Masterpiece. GReatest Halil and Sila
Tanishqa Panwar
Tanishqa Panwar თვის წინ
let's not start that again, for god's sake dude. Uffoooooo that witch zuhal is so dead meat.
Fatima Masood
Fatima Masood თვის წინ
Bye bye emanet! It was a very bad journey nazmiye anam!
Nuura Jirday
Nuura Jirday თვის წინ
Dont worry guys there will be an army of helpers to help sehr in these difficult times hopefully she wont be alone and miserable too long someone other than the 2 snakes will knock some sense into yaman before he loses the plot...and i agree with the person who was saying the most difficult part is hearing seher say i love u to selim.. that's harsh so lets sympathise with yaman for that...
S R თვის წინ
Of course. We would all feel the same. I am sorry for both of them.😑 But truth will come up. And they will finaly confess 🙂
Cemil yusifov
Cemil yusifov თვის წინ
Nazmiye hanım çok kötü yaptı bu diziyi yaa inşallah mabuk çıkar bu dosyanın asl nasıl yapıldığı yazık Seher Yaman nasılda sinirke baktı ona😢😢😢😔😔😔
Erdzan Sakir
Erdzan Sakir თვის წინ
Bravo ya nasıl inandı boyle bir şey artık ben bu diziye izlemıcem
Belala Soraya
Belala Soraya თვის წინ
Le titre de cette série c'est pas Amanet c'est torture Ça a commencer par youcef et saher maintenant rebelote avec saher
Suziane Klem
Suziane Klem თვის წინ
Como pode ? As pessoas nao se comunicam
Karasevda Emanet
Karasevda Emanet თვის წინ
Oh lord here we go again💔🤯🤯🤯🤯when we can see episode 127?
Barbara Fleming
Barbara Fleming თვის წინ
This is the stupidest ever, Yahman was willing to slander her and send her to prison to get what he wanted so what makes him think his family didn't learn to do the very same thing from him.
Tita Papa
Tita Papa თვის წინ
Arkadaslarim, bir kez icguduye dondu ve duyguya soyledi : Once o seni duyacak ama sonunda hakli olacagim. Yaman' a guveniyorum.
Pues se tiene que dar prisa en averiguar todo o creer en ella ..pues vamos el el capítulo 127 y la novela tiene 150..
Фовгия Оруджова
Фовгия Оруджова თვის წინ
Səndən cox mən uzuldum😔
alex lexa
alex lexa თვის წინ
Seher 😢😢😢Yaman💔💔💔
Фовгия Оруджова
Фовгия Оруджова თვის წინ
Bu qədəri də olmaz😅
Rica Moncillo
Rica Moncillo თვის წინ
Alia Nurmala
Alia Nurmala თვის წინ
Yaman should not just believe it, because the one who brought evidence was zuhal, who had insulted his wife. very strange a person who is called a mafia, but less clever than the 2 women around him. It should have been from the experience of the arrival of social service that Yaman must start to be aware of the closest people around Yusuf. hopefully yaman ask for advice and ask mother nadire ,, cenger, arif baba. if not, this story will be like Rehyan and Emir, getting married, divorcing and remarrying just because they don't believe in their own partner.🙄
Layal Oman
Layal Oman თვის წინ
Please do not search for the truth for long.the long series bored us
Sum Qayit
Sum Qayit თვის წინ
Umarim bu dizide bu kotuluyu uzun surdurmezler. Bu hafta hər şey yoluna girər. Yaman da hər şeyin kotuluk olduğunu öyrənər. Azərbaycandan olan izleyicileri Umarim Senarist sevindirir
Sum Qayit
Sum Qayit თვის წინ
Belə diziler izləyən biri deyiləm. Sadəcə İbrahim bəyin söylədiyi sarkilari bəyənirəm və bu dizide də çəkildiyi üçün izlədim. Açığı çox peşman oldum. Həyata uyğun, gerçək bir diziler çəkin. Doguldugum ev kaderimdir, kirmizi oda bir neçə gözəl dizi var. İbrahim bəyin oyunculugu çox guzel.onu iyi dizilərdə görmək istərdim. Bu kadar kotuluk, kadin onurunu yıxan bir dizide deyil
Fostyne თვის წინ
Please nazmiye, i don’t want a serie like adini sen koy and yemin, i want a happy ending for legacy emanet.
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00 00 თვის წინ
So what did seher say oh thats right, " you could show me 1000 pages of evidence i still would not believe it, he would not do this" Yaman needa to think very hard about this past statement from Seher think about before you fully doubt her. Yaman his in shock give him a day or 2 to think. The show does like to mirror events or have parallel events for the couple so if seher did not believe evidence then yaman will not believe as well it will take a bit longer because of his past but maybe just maybe he will be the Yaman we all know he can be and seher knows he can be.
Leah mae Lubo
Leah mae Lubo თვის წინ
Ohh no...
Delil Useinoski
Delil Useinoski თვის წინ
Yaman is not true what seher say to selim noo is not true.she love you stop stressing yourself and angry.dont listing what zulha say to she very selfish jealous woman.seher will never say about what one man in her heart to love becase arif babe told about seher and seher know about happen that pat her life.she is you wife yaman she love you more then anything.
Sen Çal Kapımı 38. Bölüm
Sen Çal Kapımı
ნახვები 2,8 მლნ
"Холостяк": 4 выпуск
Телеканал ТНТ
ნახვები 4,7 მლნ
კომედი - ქუთაისელი სასიძო (გაბუ და კაბუ)
Comedy Group | კომედი ჯგუფი
ნახვები 108 ათ.
Emanet 147. Bölüm | Legacy Episode 147
ნახვები 1,3 მლნ
Benken, "Biz" Olduk | Legacy 126. Bölüm (English & Spanish subs)
Emanet 139. Bölüm | Legacy Episode 139
ნახვები 1,1 მლნ
Emanet 158. Bölüm | Legacy Episode 158
ნახვები 827 ათ.
Yer Gök Aşk | Legacy 126. Bölüm (English & Spanish subs)
Sen Çal Kapımı 38. Bölüm
Sen Çal Kapımı
ნახვები 2,8 მლნ
"Холостяк": 4 выпуск
Телеканал ТНТ
ნახვები 4,7 მლნ
კომედი - ქუთაისელი სასიძო (გაბუ და კაბუ)
Comedy Group | კომედი ჯგუფი
ნახვები 108 ათ.
„იდეალური დედა“ - სეზონი 4, ეპიზოდი 20
პირველი არხი - სერიალები
ნახვები 128 ათ.
"Однажды в России": Мэр доигрался
Телеканал ТНТ
ნახვები 739 ათ.