Charli D'Amelio Gets A Mondo Makeover

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Brad Mondo

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Hi Beautiful! Today I have a special guest, Ms. Charli D'Amelio herself! She let me do whatever I wanted to her hair so I went all out and gave her a totally new look.
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Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo 2 თვის წინ
What do you think of Charlis new look?
Susroni Chakraborty
Susroni Chakraborty 27 დღის წინ
Oh my goodness when I grow up I need to dye my hair like that
audrey 07
audrey 07 თვის წინ
She looks like a teenage narcissia malfoy and I mean that in the best possible way
Corinne Houghtij
Corinne Houghtij თვის წინ
Love it 💖💖
kaylee vincent
kaylee vincent 2 თვის წინ
Not good sweetie. Looks like she did it by herself at home. The roots aren’t it for me.
Sergio Espinoza
Sergio Espinoza 2 თვის წინ
Yo no enterder inglis 😳👁👅👁
Kendal Allen
Kendal Allen 3 წუთის წინ
Trump 2021
Briana Harlow
Briana Harlow 2 საათის წინ
I only watch videos Lmao
I only watch videos Lmao 4 საათის წინ
she should go blonde
Aubree Potter
Aubree Potter 6 საათის წინ
Suggestion next time instead of flipping the head over in the sink make her lay on her back on the counter and put a few towels under the head to cushion the neck, it will make it so easier for you and her 🖤
Oop Oops
Oop Oops 10 საათის წინ
I swear the way she makes jokes you can barely tell it’s a joke
Sophia Elizebeth
Sophia Elizebeth 10 საათის წინ
i am getting the pink from brad mondo!! My Aunt Got the Blue purple and pink!! I am dying mine pink
mad21a 11 საათის წინ
What's wrong in being basic? Not everyone can afford designers clothes
Cass Thompson
Cass Thompson დღის წინ
I have wanted to do this exact look for about two years, except where the pink is, I want to be platinum.
Prayer Moralez
Prayer Moralez დღის წინ
she got a mondover
Hqvnt დღის წინ
Charli is so positive like wEoW
Charli’s new look is amazing I love it
KM Zalun
KM Zalun დღის წინ
I really wanted a hair color from you Brad Mondo huhu.
alberto calderon
alberto calderon 2 დღის წინ
someone else thought it was queen dixie with her blonde hair
rosita tillet
rosita tillet 2 დღის წინ
Charli your pretty 😘😘😘😘😘
Makayla Smith
Makayla Smith 2 დღის წინ
Who else noticed her sisters apparel?!?!?!
Aubri Martin
Aubri Martin 2 დღის წინ
Are they at Charlie’s house?
Jamayla Renéa
Jamayla Renéa 2 დღის წინ
i don’t really keep up with her but she seems super sweet💕
Annie Luty
Annie Luty 2 დღის წინ
I saw a product like conditioner that dyes your hair temporarily and I’m SERIOUSLY considering doing this in purple cause thats my fave color 💜💜
Indre Jur
Indre Jur 2 დღის წინ
Love this 😍😍😍😍💯
Valerie Hernández
Valerie Hernández 2 დღის წინ
She looks so pretty with blonde 🤍
Put Jesus First
Put Jesus First 2 დღის წინ
I accidentally searched Brad momdo and honestly I’m not mad at it
Audrey Massey
Audrey Massey 3 დღის წინ
Audrey Massey
Audrey Massey 3 დღის წინ
Can we talk about how she doesnt care however Her hair looks ama5
Misfit Make-Up By Bec
Misfit Make-Up By Bec 3 დღის წინ
Brad oh Brad why isn't your line available in Australia
New phone Who dis
New phone Who dis 3 დღის წინ
Charli is so sweeeeeeet 🥺
Luna Reemelin
Luna Reemelin 4 დღის წინ
Bring the dab back
Martu CaggianoYT
Martu CaggianoYT 4 დღის წინ
charli has a beautiful heart
Kara 4 დღის წინ
Wait I'm real late but did he spoil the hair at the beginning by showing the tiktok and Instagram screenshots?
Toca hxney
Toca hxney 4 დღის წინ
“Charli that’s easy for you to say when you get like five bidgillion likes” that sent me💀😂😂
Kristen Ninaber
Kristen Ninaber 4 დღის წინ
I really hope this was filmed before the pandemic, because it is super irresponsible for a public figure to be tweeting public health advice just to get GEpost likes...
Iris D
Iris D 4 დღის წინ
She looks like Rooney from web series chicken girls
Amrita Singha Ray
Amrita Singha Ray 4 დღის წინ
This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!
Imama Maz
Imama Maz 4 დღის წინ
what is this type of hair dying called??
omarstopnow 4 დღის წინ
why is she even famous??? 💀
Brooque613 4 დღის წინ
I've always thought of Brad as young, but Charli seems so young and naive in this video that Brad seems like a confused older adult. 😬
A G 4 დღის წინ
Omg amazing hair colour!!! Can’t believe she didn’t keep it!
Allena Way
Allena Way 5 დღის წინ
I love it
Kristen Turner
Kristen Turner 5 დღის წინ
The deepest conversation over the empty bagel bag
Monika Chroustová
Monika Chroustová 5 დღის წინ
thats so prety
pottermvre editzz
pottermvre editzz 5 დღის წინ
brad: i’m going to like, fry your hair off, and call it a day.. charli: okay, awesome i support that
Aparnaa Jadhav
Aparnaa Jadhav 5 დღის წინ
Did anybody notice that Charli was wearing James Charles butterfly collection???? That's true friendship Edit :- pls correct me if I'm wrong
Brynna Fisher
Brynna Fisher 5 დღის წინ
I’m not sure why it is so funny to me that the D’Amelio’s have a fake Basquiat hanging in their living room, but it just is.
Loner Xx
Loner Xx 5 დღის წინ
I have no problem with charli but when it comes to getting g her hair done by brad I would've kept it for longer xx
Kelley Trosko
Kelley Trosko 6 დღის წინ
my neal name is Charli and my frineds sometimes will call me Charli Demelo sorry if i spell wroing its cus i am a kid
Lexie Perez
Lexie Perez 6 დღის წინ
Charlie u r buteful the way u r
AavantiRah Inclusive
AavantiRah Inclusive 6 დღის წინ
Eye am going Blonde in two weeks! Aaaaah! It took a month to get an appointment with a stylist that I really ❤️ wish me luck👀
Its your weirdo Kylee
Its your weirdo Kylee 6 დღის წინ
Ok do y’all know she’s litterly 16
Lex Ely
Lex Ely 6 დღის წინ
Brad: so im going to fry your hair out Charli: ok i support that 😳😂😂😂😂
Martese Belle
Martese Belle 6 დღის წინ
Brad literally carried this whole video.
Bloxburg Girl23
Bloxburg Girl23 7 დღის წინ
Brad: are you kidding Charli: :)
EmaDo Draws
EmaDo Draws 7 დღის წინ
Why did she get so much hate? She seems so nice!
Sidney Natividad
Sidney Natividad 7 დღის წინ
Charlie like 💬 ok so today I am going to BRAD MONDOS to get my hair done then I go to JAIMES CHARLES
Zoe Carmela
Zoe Carmela 7 დღის წინ
she likes and favorites her own posts 💀 (not hate tho haha)
Alice Paddock
Alice Paddock 7 დღის წინ
Ali Ali
Ali Ali 7 დღის წინ
Jayden 7 დღის წინ
honestly i would love to see charli in blonde hair
Ciara LaCroix
Ciara LaCroix 7 დღის წინ
Ok i would just like to say that i respect charli. Also i feel bad about disliking her before this video because i thought she was just like most famous people so for that you have my apology .
Cloudy sunset Twinz
Cloudy sunset Twinz 7 დღის წინ
idek 7 დღის წინ
So disgusting people bullied her into changing her hair back to what she had in 2019 like she looked gorgeous with her hair like this wtf? And she was happy with it
Val 7 დღის წინ
I wish I had the money to have my hair dyed by Brad 😫
Cody Jensen
Cody Jensen 8 დღის წინ
Yes, lacrosse. Charli with an e should play lacrosse, good sport🥍
Olivia Jatczak
Olivia Jatczak 8 დღის წინ
I laughed so hard when you said" it's easy for you to say when you get 5 bajillion likes
Kylee Pina
Kylee Pina 8 დღის წინ
It’s better to tell the truth then lie
Kylee Pina
Kylee Pina 8 დღის წინ
I love charli but I don’t realy like brad
Julia Glasson
Julia Glasson 8 დღის წინ
Her hair looks good like that
Alana Klaasen
Alana Klaasen 8 დღის წინ
Elliana Richard
Elliana Richard 8 დღის წინ
Brad: “your hair might fall out” Charli: “that’s okay” Me: whaaaa-
Remiel t.
Remiel t. 3 დღის წინ
I didn't heard it. When he said that?
Jessica Jimenez
Jessica Jimenez 8 დღის წინ
There’s no such thing as being “basic”. Everyone has their own style & opinions. However..... I genuinely don’t understand why she thinks people would be interested in a picture of her bitten off bagel or cup of drink. Strange one there. People really stretch things sometimes when it comes to posting pictures.
Naomi Gray
Naomi Gray 8 დღის წინ
U sound like james charles boi
Jessica Amethyst
Jessica Amethyst 8 დღის წინ
No hate. She’s a normal girl. But I’ll never understand the level of fame. Maybe it’s being born in 1990. But I just don’t see maybe this generation the same, though I’ve seen true artists in their Gen, There’s true talent but it’s washed out now. She seems like a nice normal girl and that’s cool she got somewhere but anyone can get famous. Never understood the level of volume of fame with her.
Charli Dunkins
Charli Dunkins 8 დღის წინ
I love charli hair 🍉😊
Tokoume 9 დღის წინ
for everybody complaining on how she got it done right after brad had styled it: if you said that to me, literally I would say it's none of your business. I get why you're mad but nobody is in control of your hair but you. you get to decide whether or not you do something with it.
ellie last name
ellie last name 9 დღის წინ
I feel like shes my bestie😂
Joan Hamilton
Joan Hamilton 9 დღის წინ
Whoa! She’s a real talker.
Hannah McDaniel
Hannah McDaniel 9 დღის წინ
a dollar for everytime charli says “and then”
Elvira Jameson
Elvira Jameson 9 დღის წინ
Lost all respect for you after filming with this female 🐕
Ana Educa
Ana Educa 9 დღის წინ
I love it!
Blah.cutiee 9 დღის წინ
“That’s ok it happends”
Joia Christen
Joia Christen 9 დღის წინ
Oh this looks so GOOD
Thomas’s DeVore’s
Thomas’s DeVore’s 10 დღის წინ
She has ZERO personality 😬
Sabrina Bailey
Sabrina Bailey 10 დღის წინ
She looked so much better with the pink like she is livvvvving!
Adelyn Behymer
Adelyn Behymer 10 დღის წინ
it is cool
Saige ŪwÚ
Saige ŪwÚ 10 დღის წინ
Okay so, I got a haircut recently. She said that I looked like you and requested for me to check you out so here I am :D
王若冰 10 დღის წინ
I thought she was just some overhyped kid but she’s actually pretty humble and fun. We can’t give her shit for being hyped, it just happens, people don’t always choose it but she’s doing a decent job just making the best of where life takes her
Aubrey The paint chick
Aubrey The paint chick 10 დღის წინ
I got my hair dyed the same day she did and I did it to stand out by now all the girls have it. And I got my tips dyed right before it went crazy and it makes me mad
Harley the vlogger
Harley the vlogger 10 დღის წინ
She took the cooler off
Harley the vlogger
Harley the vlogger 10 დღის წინ
The couler off
Brooklyn Shattuck
Brooklyn Shattuck 10 დღის წინ
love the new hair charlis😍
Jimmy Beans
Jimmy Beans 10 დღის წინ
The before and after part reminded me of 5 minute crafts
Irionne eye-ree-yon *
Irionne eye-ree-yon * 10 დღის წინ
Can I be next ?😍
Reagan Diesing
Reagan Diesing 10 დღის წინ
She literally looked so good!! My fav hair on her
Reagan Diesing
Reagan Diesing 10 დღის წინ
Also... people forget she is literally a child. She is sixteen. She seems super sweet and genuine, I can't believe people hate on her so much
Harry Horan
Harry Horan 10 დღის წინ
be careful brad she doesnt wear a mask
MacKenzie Steel
MacKenzie Steel 10 დღის წინ
Brad-your hair might fall out Charlie-it’s okay it happens 😳
anandamc 11 დღის წინ masks? Dope...
Unknown girl Hehehe
Unknown girl Hehehe 11 დღის წინ
i wish charlie would notice meee
King Red Plays
King Red Plays 11 დღის წინ
Why does Charli give me some Lava Girl vibes? From Shark Boy and Lava Girl. ;)
Nice to meet you , Im Christine.
Nice to meet you , Im Christine. 11 დღის წინ
I would have done many shades, different depths of pink shading throughout, something bold with pastels to even it out. The pink under her hair made it look very weighed down, especially for the darker shade it was.
z9elka 11 დღის წინ
misssammaa 11 დღის წინ
Who tf is this girl
aritaffcosta 12 დღის წინ
She would look so sickk in a pixie.... !
yaya 12 დღის წინ
I just came for the hair, not her
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