BTS Dorm

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From debut until now! You can see their change.
*note: the years in the video are based on when the clip uploaded, not from when they moved.
Hello and welcome!
-BTS Dorm (2013-2019)-
hope you stay health and happy!
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This video was made only for entertainment purposes
Thankyou for watching and i hope you enjoyed!
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Amina Faham
Amina Faham 4 საათის წინ
Rifana Thaslim
Rifana Thaslim დღის წინ
They really deserve that what they're now ♡
Copy Cat
Copy Cat 2 დღის წინ
Can't believe they all (7) lives in a small room... We can describe as a box 😭
Geo Mongaya
Geo Mongaya 2 დღის წინ
I love this vid so much!!!!
Jennierubyjane 2 დღის წინ
The Golden days :)
chinita rizza
chinita rizza 2 დღის წინ
남준의 아내
남준의 아내 4 დღის წინ
A geladeira deve ser boa pq eles estão com a mesma desde o começo
신애라Fanfics 4 დღის წინ
not now with a clumsy room now its hybe🖤
Shirina Parvin Kalpona
Shirina Parvin Kalpona 4 დღის წინ
Where can I find those videos that have the "QDERKS" on🤔🤔🤔. Help armyyyyy
Array Harmond
Array Harmond 4 დღის წინ
Respect. I Love You 3000 BTS, be best person ever after 💜
Little Miso
Little Miso 6 დღის წინ
soon my wardrobe will become like them (i need a room) i guess
KIM sweet heart
KIM sweet heart 6 დღის წინ
I dont why but they have nothing than each other at begining but still smiles make me cry
apoorva singh
apoorva singh 6 დღის წინ
Jungkook being the owner of most expensive apartments but still sleeping with a towel roll under a table
Sumedha Yelave
Sumedha Yelave 7 დღის წინ
After a lots of hardwork they have reached here just because of their hardwork and armies support them
Rosemarie Mabansag
Rosemarie Mabansag 7 დღის წინ
I'm proud of you guys i love you all 💜💜💜💜💜
Kinjo Tsomo
Kinjo Tsomo 8 დღის წინ
U BTS are so great
Priyanka Majumdar
Priyanka Majumdar 8 დღის წინ
Everybody loves bts. From🇮🇳
Anjana N
Anjana N 9 დღის წინ
They came from nothing... This is just the purest example of hardwork and sincerity.. i love them no matter what... They are wonderful artists and human beings i can say.....
Tuğçe 10 დღის წინ
They are deserve everything that have now
creamnuts 10 დღის წინ
There dorm 2013 too small then my house 😂
Coisas da Jane
Coisas da Jane 10 დღის წინ
O jin cozinhar muito bem deu vontade de comer o que ele fez
SijiSabu Sijimathew
SijiSabu Sijimathew 10 დღის წინ
Love BTS ARMY 😘😘
K Kannabiran
K Kannabiran 10 დღის წინ
No matter how rich they are they will still fight for dummlings😂
A.N Das
A.N Das 11 დღის წინ
Love this my face is now with both smile and tears💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Jungkook owns me
Jungkook owns me 11 დღის წინ
From nobody to legends yesss its BTS ,they wrote their own destiny 💜✨
Givemeaname 11 დღის წინ
I swear they deserves the world 😭 aigooo my boys... I'm cryinggggggggg so bad
Orranart Wongnoi
Orranart Wongnoi 11 დღის წინ
Do they still live together nowadays?
yanii-boo jones
yanii-boo jones 12 დღის წინ
Am so happy for them They come along way💜💜💜💜💜💜💜✊✊✊✊❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Locuras de Alisson
Locuras de Alisson 13 დღის წინ
A siga se le alborotan los piojos 🤣
Gretel Marasigan
Gretel Marasigan 13 დღის წინ
I cry l watching this vedeo.
flevrlix 13 დღის წინ
Now bts has succeeded
Grace CJ
Grace CJ 13 დღის წინ
Jin 🥰🥰🥰
VMINKOOK heartbeats
VMINKOOK heartbeats 15 დღის წინ
Bts is soooo cute in his childhood okok! It's not his childhood but his looking vary cute 💜💜💜
saju anu
saju anu 15 დღის წინ
Bts came from small family,place,show, but now they win they deserve things
KOREAN 친구 16 დღის წინ
I hope BTS keep going well and live in a nice house! I always support to BTS!
Susanta kumar Panda
Susanta kumar Panda 16 დღის წინ
Time to time they becomes famous more and more 💜💜
Prachi K
Prachi K 16 დღის წინ
they're life changed but not their heart
Shruti Pandey *BTS I Purple you*
Shruti Pandey *BTS I Purple you* 16 დღის წინ
Don't make mee fool 2017 why bts is wearing mask showing anything 😒😒😒
Shruti Pandey *BTS I Purple you*
Shruti Pandey *BTS I Purple you* 16 დღის წინ
What is the meaning of dromn
Noviosity 17 დღის წინ
from cooking on the floor to cooking on the dining table...from cramped in 1 bedroom to either having their own room or sharing it with another member. Hope they are doing well in the US tho, and continue to grow!
야ienkekook 17 დღის წინ
Own the teddy bears😔💜🤝 Sometimes the fear of the food that Kim seokjin makes
Nivisha Doshi
Nivisha Doshi 18 დღის წინ
Ibam do proud of them for achieving this much and can u plz make a video of dorm of 2020
Akshit Ranga
Akshit Ranga 18 დღის წინ
This is really inspiring
In 2013 they r poor but from outside but from inside they r rich and now they are rich from outside and also from inside
Ania Nich
Ania Nich 19 დღის წინ
I love the fact how they didnt change their personality just because they became success...i mean many people do change...
Ania Nich
Ania Nich 19 დღის წინ
They in 2013 has a lot of shoes...while me only 2 ..
zoeyx98 19 დღის წინ
hi! does anyone know where the video clips are from? :)
Bristy Islam
Bristy Islam 20 დღის წინ
I am so proud of them!!
Shamima Akter
Shamima Akter 20 დღის წინ
They trouble a lot for getting this position.
ANGA 20 დღის წინ
Who here the jk fart
mahesh Thakur
mahesh Thakur 20 დღის წინ
But still that time also they were rich than me🙂
Ayshi Moni
Ayshi Moni 21 დღის წინ
Every legend started from being nobodies.
Valkyrie Valkyrie
Valkyrie Valkyrie 21 დღის წინ
And now these boys can buy a house for each of their fingers and still have more. This is where hard work takes you, ppl
axolotl daydreams
axolotl daydreams 22 დღის წინ
seems sooo nice to live like any of the above, tightly knit, spacey space levitate activated, two bodies apart etc etc, none is inherently worse than the other when you know you're not living on debts anymoreeee. but their first dorm had that space that feels like you're being held and tucked but yeah they're growing artists so a segragated studio for their individual creativity and solitude is vvvv important for that
Artemis Nguyen
Artemis Nguyen 23 დღის წინ
BTS started with nothing but now they are the band that the world be admired by the talent. Although they lived in poverty in the past, they are still them in a day...
Sgshshdhh Dgshdhdhhdhd
Sgshshdhh Dgshdhdhhdhd 23 დღის წინ
Sgshshdhh Dgshdhdhhdhd
Sgshshdhh Dgshdhdhhdhd 23 დღის წინ
BTS LOVE ♥️🇰🇷♥️🇰🇷♥️🇰🇷♥️ LOVE
Shashini 23 დღის წინ
Address please please bts house
Arvind Singh
Arvind Singh 24 დღის წინ
Suga to jin -: Hyung are you crazy... Jin to suga -: No I am world wide handsome... 😅😅😅 I know it's a bad one ... But I am infire ( inspire ) by jin ... 🤣🤣🤣💜
LdyErin 24 დღის წინ
This goes to show the haters that our Men have WORKED for everything they have. They NEVER gave up the dream. They haven't CHANGED how they are or how they act. They RESPECT and LOVE ARMYs just the same as they did back when they were rookies. They remain HUMBLE and use their POWER to better this world. They make you want to LOVE YOURSELF better because they care. ARMY loves you BTS, from Rookie days, 'til the very end. ╰(*°▽°*)╯💜💜💜(*^▽^*)
Undercover werewolf
Undercover werewolf 26 დღის წინ
For years these boys had nothing, and now they have an entire world...
America Nabor
America Nabor 26 დღის წინ
Es bueno recordar cómo empezaron las leyendas y como son grandes ahora desde abajo hasta la cima✨
callme ell
callme ell 27 დღის წინ
Oh help... I'm cry 😭😭😭
Jocelyne 28 დღის წინ
look at them now they bought half the western industry and basicalyhas a department store to work in everyday
poornima rampur
poornima rampur 28 დღის წინ
Real Truth
Real Truth 28 დღის წინ
if i were to define success in a video.
nazrin janu
nazrin janu 29 დღის წინ
This vedio is so sweet ☺️
biju ukken
biju ukken 29 დღის წინ
Shut up...omg... can’t believe BTS watches Attack on Titan...I’m crying
laily 001
laily 001 25 დღის წინ
They watch haikyuu too and other animes too
Sanjay kumar
Sanjay kumar 29 დღის წინ
8:29 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Toni Tonic
Toni Tonic 29 დღის წინ
Sabrina Sabah
Sabrina Sabah 29 დღის წინ
Now HYBE ... 💜🎈✨ SO so soooo proud of them and their team ..💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 THEY DESERVE MORE AND MORE 👏👏💜💜
Rindy_ yolani
Rindy_ yolani თვის წინ
Sophia Alexis Vlog
Sophia Alexis Vlog თვის წინ
9:26 what episode of bon voyage???
Tamilmathy. L
Tamilmathy. L თვის წინ
Hardwork never dies 💜
Ele Vilca
Ele Vilca თვის წინ
Jhope es muy hermoso d chiquito.
Julee Sinha
Julee Sinha თვის წინ
Were they secretly selling the shoes!??😂😂😂😂
Lakshitha Balu
Lakshitha Balu თვის წინ
BTS: Wherever we are we will be happy with what we are that's BTS 💜
Đào Nguyễn Hà Khanh
Đào Nguyễn Hà Khanh თვის წინ
7:12: practice dancing in the living room 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻
Ronald Jr. Valdez
Ronald Jr. Valdez თვის წინ
3:44 the Colossal Titan UwU
Ana julia Souza Silva
Ana julia Souza Silva თვის წინ
Nosa they changed muinto I'm wanting to cry they said they were not going to get what they wanted now you're famous t
B. S.
B. S. თვის წინ
It was like a heartwarming documentary 👍
Tanusree Ghosal
Tanusree Ghosal თვის წინ
They slowly slowly improve themselves........... Army always support them 💜💜💜
Evelina Cojocaru
Evelina Cojocaru თვის წინ
Love you bts👏👏😄❤❤
Pam Agujar
Pam Agujar თვის წინ
That was a very nice listening melody that BTS was playing on the piano. Anyone know the name of it? It was so calming and pleasant!
Elly თვის წინ
0:38 who owns that colossal titan mask?
Jin was supposed to kiss suga😂🙈
Magdalena Chojecka
Magdalena Chojecka თვის წინ
Radhika Chandwani
Radhika Chandwani თვის წინ
But why every asian artists except for Indias wear masks?
Amru Ramadhan Syakur
Amru Ramadhan Syakur თვის წინ
because that's their style
Radhika Chandwani
Radhika Chandwani თვის წინ
They shouldn't let RM cook for world peace
Eva Sultana
Eva Sultana თვის წინ
After I see this video i realize bts are suffered very hard 🤧🤧hmmm
Ana Desi
Ana Desi თვის წინ
Jimin and jin I love you my biasku🖤 BTS i love you my idolku❤
Hmingmawii Pialtu
Hmingmawii Pialtu თვის წინ
Happy boi Giyuu
Happy boi Giyuu თვის წინ
2013 BTS had collosal titan in their house, lol
Agatha Hermes
Agatha Hermes თვის წინ
Im crying rn
Anjana [방탄 소년단 팬] Arjun
Anjana [방탄 소년단 팬] Arjun თვის წინ
Really I enjoyed it 😍💖
devi kshetri
devi kshetri თვის წინ
Imagine you are housekeeper of btsdorm 🤭🥰😍💓💓💓💓 I purple you BTS 💓💜💜💜💜
Anannya Karandikar
Anannya Karandikar თვის წინ
It’s so sad that in 2003 the members had to share food in the same bowl... let’s jusr admire how far the got 👏
Megh's world of fantasy
Megh's world of fantasy თვის წინ
Bts love you all
米果 თვის წინ
10:59 It was the end of 2017, but it was broadcast in 2018, so it’s not 2019
⟬⟭Val ⟭⟬
⟬⟭Val ⟭⟬ თვის წინ
No matter how much momeytheymakethey will always fight for food... Just like me :)
Jefferson Digma
Jefferson Digma თვის წინ
They deserve everything., With this you guys are always be the one, a humble, sweet little fellow..
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