BMW M5 1000hp v £1.15M Rallycross Racers: RACE...and EXPLOSION!

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Evolve's BMW M5 is BACK, and it's going up against three rallycross superstars!
We've all seen what this incredible M5 can do, with its tuned 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 able to produce 1000hp! As for the rallycars? Well, none of them can match the power of the M5, with the lead competitor being the MINI with a 2-litre turbocharged petrol engine that can put down 600hp & 1,000Nm!
However, the M5 has one major disadvantage compared to the competition... It weighs in at 2 tonnes, while all three rallycross cars come in at just 1,300kg!
So what do you think - is the M5 now the underdog?! Mat & Yianni have joined forces to see if they can take down these superstars, and all we know is, this race isn't to be missed!!
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Nobody საათის წინ
Matt is like when ur dad races with another guy on the highway
Foodies Australia
Foodies Australia 8 საათის წინ
That MINI is insane 😀❤️
Dawin Alexander
Dawin Alexander 10 საათის წინ
Mat an yanni these guys have so much fun
Aiden Tyrrell
Aiden Tyrrell 11 საათის წინ
i love the energy from Mat and Yianni made the race way better
KingOfFans 16 საათის წინ
Barbadian in the building
Akash Yadav
Akash Yadav 17 საათის წინ
Yianni is wearing his mask in reverse(inside out).
S280 Turbo technics
S280 Turbo technics 19 საათის წინ
Now Matt should drives the others cars and see what’s happens
ivan hertrich
ivan hertrich დღის წინ
Get out of the fucking car dude you are getting 72 plus kg! Whyyyy?
Anees Azeem
Anees Azeem დღის წინ
Did I hear 4 hours between engine rebuilds
GamerDude Pro
GamerDude Pro დღის წინ
2:01 what the heck....
Avazbek Abdullayev
Avazbek Abdullayev დღის წინ
Like we always say rally drivers are on another level
bigboy bigboy
bigboy bigboy 2 დღის წინ
Nah bmw never be build a better sports car in history of racing 😂😂😂
Untereiner Yann
Untereiner Yann 2 დღის წინ
Si vous voulez vraiment comparer faites la même sur une piste de rally cross et la on va rigoler 🤣
Arturas Plotnikovas
Arturas Plotnikovas 2 დღის წინ
Yani in the back = more grip :)
Arthur O'Pod
Arthur O'Pod 2 დღის წინ
Explosion? Bit of smoke
BHPMAD 2 დღის წინ
Jordi Altena
Jordi Altena 2 დღის წინ
Johan Lieshout
Johan Lieshout 2 დღის წინ
Why are you wearing masks
Phiphat 3 დღის წინ
so much fun ... both
Ryan Pleasants
Ryan Pleasants 3 დღის წინ
Good vid
Faruk Riaj
Faruk Riaj 3 დღის წინ
Jaymee Roman ​𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽ ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽ ?
Faruk Riaj
Faruk Riaj 3 დღის წინ
Jaymee Roman ​𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽ ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽
iCebreAker 3 დღის წინ
I wanna know what the first run times was
FactsFather 16 საათის წინ
I agree. That was the most accurate results.
MR. Crasher
MR. Crasher 3 დღის წინ
maybe with Ken Block's electric mustang?
Grumpy 3 დღის წინ
Take 1 car with a 1000hp and race against (in a straight line) cars with half the Hp??? What dick thought this was good? Now run them in a forest stage and see where you get.
Kingizeah 3 დღის წინ
2:58 “thank you”😂
Randy of Tangents
Randy of Tangents 3 დღის წინ
The group b car that should have been used was the lancia delta 4
sebeazzurri 4 დღის წინ
Why didnt the first race count?
Jed Bone
Jed Bone 4 დღის წინ
Mate your tyre warming technique fucking sucked Jesus Christ... captain slow can do better than that😂😂😂
360 Motorsport
360 Motorsport 4 დღის წინ
Rally cross cars all day. People don’t understand how fast they car the BMW is just some street car crap.
Nuno Dias
Nuno Dias 4 დღის წინ
yeet_Gaming 4 დღის წინ
10:00 mat was torturing yianni
Sean Moore
Sean Moore 4 დღის წინ
What a boring video pointless and shite and presenter is a melter.
Phantom 5 დღის წინ
Adrian Goudenhart
Adrian Goudenhart 5 დღის წინ
No sound check and times were not shown on first 2 races but time shows as soon as the bmw wins... thats not fair at all 😂😂😂
jean claude weijsters
jean claude weijsters 5 დღის წინ
de gele was bij de 1e run 2e de bmw was 3e
༺HITLER༻ 5 დღის წინ
BMW 2004 M5 E60 V10❤
Петър Раднев
Петър Раднев 5 დღის წინ
In rally cross the BMW will be behind for weeks...
Lucian Vladiuc
Lucian Vladiuc 5 დღის წინ
"The m5 is the fastest car we had" Bmw fans: hah this is normal Merc fans: ...
craig gibbons
craig gibbons 5 დღის წინ
Great vid Keep it up guys
WaveyGames 5 დღის წინ
You forgot the roll race
Marius -Folkishbadge187-
Marius -Folkishbadge187- 5 დღის წინ
Mat definitely quicker reaction than Yani 😂
Bruh 57
Bruh 57 5 დღის წინ
Where’s the Audi s1 sport Quattro e1
Abdylhekim Orazow
Abdylhekim Orazow 5 დღის წინ
My opinion Mat exactly driver
Monty Monty
Monty Monty 5 დღის წინ
So what I learnt today is a stock 911 turbo s will beat world rally cars in a drag race, and lose by .1 of a second to a 1000hp BMW
jason wieber
jason wieber 6 დღის წინ
Awh man makes me so sad about that rs200 it's one of those bucket list dream cars I'll most likely never have a chance to own
Dan mather
Dan mather 6 დღის წინ
Too many advertisements,great videos ruined
Jürgen Seifert
Jürgen Seifert 6 დღის წინ
Nehmt die scheiss Masken runter oder habt ihr Angst das die Autos corona kriegen ansonsten schaue ich kein Video mehr von euch.
Oli Baillie
Oli Baillie 6 დღის წინ
Turn off as soon as I see that other fella
J P 6 დღის წინ
race is at 10:30
Aziz Mir
Aziz Mir 6 დღის წინ
Never pay £600000 for the mini if I had 600000000000 billion in my account
Николай Заколотнев
Николай Заколотнев 6 დღის წინ
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Tanay Ganguly
Tanay Ganguly 7 დღის წინ
Brook I love yani ... Yani hypes me up too good 🔥🔥🔥
Alex Butters
Alex Butters 7 დღის წინ
Those cars will never have the rs200 status though. My fav even if did blow up 😂
Vince Liu
Vince Liu 7 დღის წინ
so funny
Manter Snow
Manter Snow 7 დღის წინ
I love the m5 is soo fast
Martin 7 დღის წინ
BMW is the boss as usual!
Plasticna Kesa
Plasticna Kesa 7 დღის წინ
That BMW
Caramel Playz
Caramel Playz 8 დღის წინ
BMW destroying
Caramel Playz
Caramel Playz 8 დღის წინ
Shahab Ariamanesh
Shahab Ariamanesh 8 დღის წინ
عالی بود 😆❤👏
Raphael Almeida
Raphael Almeida 8 დღის წინ
Venkat Prasad
Venkat Prasad 8 დღის წინ
Still 911 turbo S is NUTS
doubts 8 დღის წინ
I saw an rs200 at Cadwell around 92 with 600hp. Mark Rennison driving I think. It was absolutely insane. I think there was even an S1 with 750hp
konkordiasz*888 8 დღის წინ
the best drag race in history of the channel really
Minecraft zombie boy
Minecraft zombie boy 8 დღის წინ
Now that might be a video that gone wrong but still cool
Wu Wei
Wu Wei 9 დღის წინ
2 idiots wearing surgeon masks in a drag race because some other idiots are making laws thereby advised by another group of idiots who actually know better but are under the influence of media idiots who think they can make the truth and crucify anyone who speaks against them. How very sad!
adrian harrison
adrian harrison 9 დღის წინ
Yianni should of been like you are in the back as you are slow mate!
Kane Holmes
Kane Holmes 9 დღის წინ
V8 or not... That mini sounds phenomenal redlining 😍
Hasan Kabayel
Hasan Kabayel 9 დღის წინ
b gg
b gg 9 დღის წინ
If Yanni went on a diet the BMW would win
J. B
J. B 9 დღის წინ
"what exactly happened?" yanni sitting in the back gave more traction to the rear wheels
Benedict Pamire
Benedict Pamire 10 დღის წინ
Ford living up to its name
Nicholas Grandchamp
Nicholas Grandchamp 10 დღის წინ
I'll still take an RS 200 over almost any other car ever made. Manual Porsche 997.1 911 Turbo being the only thing I would take over it
nawazishalikhan96 10 დღის წინ
aguilpa1 10 დღის წინ
Yani always cheats, this time he go caught by two racers who were
Yoryi Stefani
Yoryi Stefani 10 დღის წინ
Gianni and Mat siempre is sittown in the same side, This car, Much too weith for is mismo side, This car,
Jerónimo Sousa
Jerónimo Sousa 11 დღის წინ
Não acredito no vídeo só de saida era meia por meia
Richrd Lewis
Richrd Lewis 11 დღის წინ
I can't watch anyone with a twat mask on!
bigginhillant 12 დღის წინ
ken block in his RS 200 THE M5 would not even get 500 yards in what them cars are designed too do
Ali Abbas
Ali Abbas 12 დღის წინ
The BMW front seats look so ugly specially from the side .
Red Macalla
Red Macalla 12 დღის წინ
Please Race With Hoonicorn of Ken Block 😁
Red Macalla
Red Macalla 11 დღის წინ
@eioshen boboi Maybe haha
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 12 დღის წინ
So its not about the horsepower...
josh gaming
josh gaming 12 დღის წინ
That ford its slower than g63
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 12 დღის წინ
As an American I hate dodge but watching the demon do a burnout made me proud
pcparts2u 13 დღის წინ
got to do more "in the back"
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 13 დღის წინ
The beauty of that bmw is to the untrained eye if looks like any other bmw
Riley Hillier
Riley Hillier 13 დღის წინ
These two for top gear
Khairi Hadi
Khairi Hadi 13 დღის წინ
Bmw is the best German car 😍😍
Haha really?
Haha really? 13 დღის წინ
Dislike for yianni
Polys Eleftheriou
Polys Eleftheriou 14 დღის წინ
One of the funniest video with Matt & Yianni... do more like this... 🤣🤣🤣
Polys Eleftheriou
Polys Eleftheriou 12 დღის წინ
@bouytt guyt of course its not the fastest on the channel. I'm talking about those 2 only based on the episodes i've seen so far. 🤦🏻‍♂️
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 13 დღის წინ
And I guess the BMW evolve M5 is the fastest on this channel so far
William Clark
William Clark 14 დღის წინ
I want the POV of the mini
Bradley Gibb
Bradley Gibb 14 დღის წინ
Can you get a Polestar2 on channel!👍
N C 14 დღის წინ
Rally cars are geared low so it makes sense the bmw caught up
Harry Mcough
Harry Mcough 14 დღის წინ
That guy in the rs has too much oney
No Name
No Name 14 დღის წინ
I love your channel but it really annoyed me that you called it "the yellow car" when you're a professional cars channel :(
leandro50163 14 დღის წინ
two idiots with masks
EVIL GT 14 დღის წინ
It's all about the launch, as always, every single time, it's the the launch that decides the result!
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor 14 დღის წინ
Is it me or did the drifting M5 sound like a Subaru
Nathan Dunn
Nathan Dunn 14 დღის წინ
As an American I hate dodge but watching the demon do a burnout made me proud
roshdy paul
roshdy paul 14 დღის წინ
So its not about the horsepower...
Rock girl
Rock girl 14 დღის წინ
It's all about the launch, as always, every single time, it's the the launch that decides the result!
Yashmit shaw
Yashmit shaw 14 დღის წინ
Covid 19 mask?
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